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..Volume 14, Number 1-February 2013 (11)
..Volume 14, Number 2-April 2013 (11)
..Volume 14, Number 3-June 2013 (10)
..Volume 14, Number 4-August 2013 (10)
..Volume 14, Number 5-October 2013 (11)
..Volume 14, Number 6-December 2013 (11)
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The Influence of Pyrogenic Nanosilicas with Different Surface Areas and Aggregation States on Cement Hydration A. Bagheri- T. Parhizkar- H. Madani- A. Raisghasemi 783 Article
Strength and Durability Studies on Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Bricks C. Antony Jeyasehar- G. Saravanan- A.K. Ramakrishnan- S. Kandasamy 797 Article
Evaluation of Seismic Behavior for Moment Frames and Eccentrically Braced Frames Due to Near-Field Ground Motions L. Haj Najafi- M. Tehranizadeh 809 Article
Efficient Solution of Differential Equations for Linear and Non-Linear Analysis of Structures H. Rahami- A. Kaveh- S.M. Mirhosseini 831 Article
Experimental Study on Epoxy Polystyrene as A Partial Substitution of Fine Aggregate of Concrete Mixture A. Setiawan- I. Hidayat 849 Article
Nonlinear Seismic Response of A Concrete Arch Dam to Spatially Varying Earthquake Ground Motions H. Mirzabozorg- M. Akbari- M.A. Hariri-Ardebili 859 Article
Separation Gap, A Critical Factor in Earthquake Induced Pounding Between Adjacent Buildings S. Naserkhaki- M. El-Rich- F.N.A. Abdul Aziz- H. Pourmohammad 881 Article
Static and Dynamic Behavior of Laterally Loaded Single Piles and Determination of P-Y Curves M. Hajialilue-Bonab- D. Levacher- J.L Chazelas- A.M. Kaynia 899 Article
Study on Partially Used Recycled Coarse Aggregate Cement Concrete D.V. Prasada Rao- M. Madhavi 917 Article
Cost Analysis of Steel Concrete Composite Structures in Bangladesh M. Begum- M.d. Serajus Salekin- N.M. Tauhid Belal Khan- W. Ahmed 935 Article
Rehabilitation of Elliptical Parabolic Reinforced Concrete Shells with Openings N.N. Meleka- M.A. Safan- A.A. Bashandy- A.S. Abd-Elrazek 945 Article
Verification of Testing Parameters of Semi-Circle Notched Beam Fatigue Test Ahmad M. Abu Abdo- SJ Jung and Seung I. Baek 643 Article
Analysis of Quasi-Brittle Fracture and Critical Ctod of High Volume Flyash Concrete Notched Beams R. Ponnudurai- T. Sujatha- S. Nagan 655 Article
Probabilistic Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of A Plane Frame with Material and Geometric Ucertainties Alamatian FP F- Shahabianb 665 Article
Building Renewal in Low Income Housing Estates – A Brazilian Case Study J. Reschke Pires- F. Flach- M. Aurélio Stumpf González- A. Parisi Kern 681 Article
Seismic Response of Multi-Span Highway Bridge: Effectiveness of Using Isolation System
M.N. Haque- A.R. Bhuiyan 707 Article
Lessons Learned from Performance of Buildings During the September 18, 2011 Earthquake in Nepal K. Shakyaa- D. R. Panta- M. Maharjana- S. Bhagata- A. C. Wijeyewickremaa- P. N. Maskey 719 Article
Decision-Making Analysis for Seismic Retrofit Based on Risk Management M. Banazadeh- H. Parvini Sani- M. Gholhaki 735 Article
An Assessment of Climatic Design Strategy for Low Energy Residential Buildings in Hot and Arid Climate M. Arif Kamal 747 Technical Notes
Effects of Waste Bricks Powder of Gachsaran Company as A Pozzolanic Material in Concrete A. Heidari- B. Hasanpour 755 Technical Notes
Improved Method of Estimating Deflection in Prestressed Steel I-Beams M. Raju Ponnada- R. Vipparthy 765 Technical Notes
Study on Internal Curing of High Performance Concrete Using Super Absorbent Polymers and Light Weight Aggregates C. Chella Gifta- S. Prabavathy- G. Yuvaraj Kumar 773 Technical Notes
Calibration of Resistance Factors for Torsional Reinfrced Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRP Composites H. Dehghani- M.J. Fadaee 503 Article
The Effects of Tio2 And Zno Nanoparticles on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Normal Concrete K. Behfarnia- A. Keivan- A. Keivan 517 Article
Concrete Made with Zeolite and Metakaolin: A Comparison on the Strength and Durability Properties R. Madandoust- J. Sobhani- P. Ashoori 533 Article
Seismic Vulnerability of Restrained and Unrestrained Block-Type Nonstructural Components
T. Mahdi- A. Mahdi 545 Article
Numerical Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Columns Strengthened with Composite Materials M.A. Barkhordari- N. Dayhim- A. Nicknam- M. Razi- S. Mehdizad 557 Article
Performance Based Design Using Force Reduction Factor and Displacement Amplification Factors for Bfs M. Mahmoudi- M. Zaree 577 Article
Optimal Design of Laminated Composite Structures via Hybrid Charged System Search and Particle Swarm Optimization A. Kaveh- B. Hashemi Soudmand- R. Sheikholeslami 587 Article
Development of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Precast Concrete Elements
C. Antony Jeyasehar- G. Saravanan- M. Salahuddin- S.Thirugnanasambandam 605 Article
Effect of Confinement of Flanged Wall–Slab Joint Under Lateral Cyclic Load S. Greeshma- L. Annilet Sheeja- K.P. Jaya 617 Article
Finite Element Analysis of Frp Strengthened Rc Beams Using Ansys P. Jayajothi- R. Kumutha- K. Vijai 631 Technical Notes
Properties of Concretes Produced with Waste Ceramic Tile Aggregate
D. Tavakoli- A. Heidari- M. Karimian 369 Article
Seismic Design of Fuzzy Controller for Semi-Active Tuned Mass Dampers Using Top Stories as the Mass S.M. Zahrai- A. Zare- M.K. Khalili- A. Asnafi 383 Article
Studies on Effect of Maximum Size of Aggregate in Higher Grade Concrete with High Volume Fly Ash V. Bhikshma- G. Annie Florence 397 Article
Strength and Flow Behavior of Rice Husk Ash Blended Cement Paste and Mortar
B. Kondraivendhan 405 Article
Back Analysis of Soft Clay Behaviour Under Highway Embankments Zs. Rémai 417 Article
Performance Control for Efficient Design of Regular Grillages Under Uniform Loading
M. Grigorian 429 Article
Study on Seismic Performance of Exterior Beam-Column Connection with Different Joint Core Details
S. Rajagopal- S. Prabavathy 445 Article
Numerical Study on the Shear Resistance of Cold-Formed Steel Shear Wall with Steel Sheathing
S. Esmaeili Niari- B. Rafezy- K. Abedi 461 Article
Workability and Strength Properties of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concretefrom Industrial Waste A. Thirumurugan- M. Sivaraja 477 Technical Notes
Characteristics of the Strong Ground Motion Data Recorded in Iran for the Year 2010 H. Mirzaei Alavijeh- E. Farzanegan- F. Sinaeian- P. Karimi- M. Mirsanjari 487 Technical Notes
Study on Performance of Self Regulating Sacrificial Galvanic Anodes With and Without Preconditioning Against Control Specimen and Using Accelerated Corrosion V. Rajendran- R. Murugesan 181 Article
Engineering Design Optimization Using a Hybrid PSO and HS Algorithm A. Kaveh- A. Nasrollahi 201 Article
Resistance of Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Beams to Acid and Chloride Migration K. Kannapiran- T. Sujatha- S. Nagan 225 Article
Interaction of Aeroelastic Forces and Turbulence at Flutter Onset Wind Speed M. Hunyadi- I. Hegedűs 239 Article
Effect of Connection Fracture Dispersion on Seismic Demands of WELDED Steel Moment Frames G. Ghodrati Amiri- E. Darvishan- H. R. Rokni 253 Article
Cyclic Behaviour of Beam Column Joint Retrofitted With Simcon Laminates
C. Antony Jeyasehar- K. Ravichandran 269 Article
Damage Detection of Structures Under Earthquake Excitation Using Discrete Wavelet Analysis A. Bagheri- S. Kourehli 289 Article
Effect of Connectors Interaction in Behaviour and Ultimate Strength of Intermediate Length Cold Formed Steel Open Columns M. Anbarasu- S. Sukumar 305 Article
On Efficient Design of Earthquake Resistant Moment Frames
M. Grigorian 319 Article
Impact of Land Use on Environmental Quality Due to Urbanization; A Case Study–Tirumangalam Taluk, Madurai A.S. Kanagalakshmi- S. Nagan 339 Article
Heavier Adjacent Building Pounding Due to Earthquake Excitation S. Naserkhaki- S. Daneshvar Ghorbani- D. Tayyebi Tolloei 349 Technical Notes
Bridge Vibrations Effectively Damped by Means of Tuned Liquid Column Gas Dampers F. Ziegler- A. Kazemi Amiri 1 Article
Assessment of Seismic Reliability of RC Framed Buildings Using a Vector-Valued Intensity Measure A. Haeri Kermani- M. J. Fadaee 17 Article
Seismic Performance of Single Family Dwellings Constructed Using Bamboo-Mortar Composite J. Vengala- J.W. van de Lindt 33 Article
Optimization of Superplasticiser and Viscosity Modifying Agent in Self Compacting Mortar J. Guru Jawahar- C. Sashidhar- I.V. Ramana Reddy- J. Annie Peter 71 Article
Ductility Behavior of Composite Fibre Reinforced Polymer-High Strength Concrete Columns Under Compression
J. Saravanan- K. Suguna- P.N. Raghunath 87 Article
Studies on Effect of Maximum Size of Aggregate in Higher Grade Concrete with High Volume Fly Ash V. Bhikshma- G. Annie Florence 101 Article
An Investigation of Dam-Water-Foundation Rock Interaction Effects on Linear and Nonlinear Earthquake Response of Concrete Arch Dams D. Hamidian- S.M. Seyedpoor- J. Salajegheh 111 Article
An Introduction to Performance Control for Moment Frames of Uniform Response Under Lateral Loading M. Grigorian 123 Article
Evaluating The Effects of Distance Between Bolts on the Behavior of Composite Steel Shear Wall H. Ahmadi- A. Arabzadeh 145 Article
In-Plane Numerical Modelling of Sterngthened Perforated Masonry Walls Using FRP Under Cyclic Loading
M.Z. Kabir- A. Kalali 161 Article
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