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..Volume 8, Number 1-February 2007 (8)
..Volume 8, Number 2-April 2007 (9)
..Volume 8, Number 3-June 2007 (8)
..Volume 8, Number 4-August 2007 (8)
..Volume 8, Number 5-October 2007 (8)
..Volume 8, Number 6-December 2007 (7)
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A New Method for Improving Ductility in Existing RC Ordinary Moment Resisting Frames Using FRPs S.S. Mahini- H.R. Ronagh 581 Article
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Flowing Concretes Incorporating Quarry Waste S.N. Raman- Md. Safiuddin- M.F.M. Zain 597 Article
Concrete Insulation for Fire Resistance: An Analytical Investigation B. Singh 615 Article
Comparison of Damage Indexes in Nonlinear Time History Analysis of Steel Moment Frames H. Estekanchi- K. Arjomandi 629 Article
Numerical Approach for the Analysis of Anisotropic Rectangular Plates Using Discrete Singular Convolution Ö. Civalek- Okyay Kiracioglu 647 Article
Symmetry Detection for Structural Graph Models A. Kaveh- K. Laknegadi- M. Zahedi 659 Article
Strength Studies on Glass Fiber Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete M.L.V. Prasad- P. Rathish Kumar 679 Article
Steel Fibers as Replacement of Web Reinforcement for RCC Deep Beams in Shear S.K. Madan- G. Rajesh Kumar- S.P. Singh 479 Article
A Numerical Simulation of Bond for Pull-out Tests: The Direct Problem S. Khalfallah- M. Ouchenane 491 Article
Treatment of Torsion of Reinforced Concrete Beams in Current Structural Standards M. Ameli- H.R. Ronagh 507 Article
Methodological Study of the Ultime Limit Section in Reinforced Concrete Under Biaxial Bending and Axial Compression A. Boulfoul- A. Belouar 521 Article
Chloride-Induced Corrosion of RC Structures J. Sobhani- A.A. Ramezanianpour 531 Article
An Experimental Investigation into Shear Capacity of High Strength Concrete Beams A. Shah- S. Ahmad 549 Article
Algorithms for Detecting Honeycombs in RC Beams Z. Ismail- D. Samugavelu- H. Abd Razak 563 Article
Study on Thickness of Two-way Slab by Artificial Neural Network J.B. Alam- C.K. Sarkar- E.U. Ahmed 573 Technical Notes
Assessment of Parameters Affecting Compressive Behavior of Mineral Wool Iinsulations S. Veiseh- M.M. Mirmohamadi- N. Khodabandeh- A. Hakkaki-Fard 359 Article
Effects of Semi-rigid Girder Connections on The Dynamic Response of Steel Structures N. Lahbari- A. Kadid- A. Fourar- K. Smail 375 Article
Force Method for Finite Element Models With Indeterminate Support Conditions A. Kaveh- K. Koohestani- N. Taghizadieh 389 Article
Consequence of Strength-Dependent Stiffness on Traditional Seismic Design Approach S. Ch. Dutta- S. Das 405 Article
Service Load Behavior of Continuous Composite Beams with Precast Decks Considering Creep, Shrinkage and Cracking S. Chaudhary- U. Pendharkar- A.K. Nagpal 423 Article
Behaviour of Single Pile Under Lateral Cyclic Load in Marine Clay S. Basack- R.D. Purkayastha 443 Article
Formex Formulation of Freeform Structural Surfaces H. Nooshin- M. Moghimi 459 Article
Bioclimatic Approach of Building Design in Hot Climate-An Example of Biskra B. Belgaid- H. Benmoussab- M. Boumazac 471 Technical Notes
Wind Loads on Buildings With Attached Canopies A.K. Ahujab- J. Prasad 239 Article
Moment Curvature of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Various Confinement Models and Experimental Validation M. Srikanth- G. Rajesh Kumar- S. Giri 247 Article
Effects of Creep and Shrinkage on the Deflection of RCC Two Way Flat Plates A.S. Santhi- J. Prasad- A.K. Ahuja 267 Article
Active Vibration Control of Structures Against Earthquakes Using Modern Control Theory A. Kumar- Poonam- B. Saini- V.K. Sehgal 283 Article
A Procedure for the Evaluation of Coupling Beam Characteristics of Coupled Shear Walls D. Bhunia- V. Prakash- A.D. Pandey 301 Article
Seismic Risk Assessment of Lifeline Considering Hospital Y. Kuwata- S. Takada 315 Article
Destructive Effects of the 2003 Bam Earthquake on Structures S.M. Zahrai- M. Heidarzadeh 329 Article
Adaptive Pushover Analysis F.R. Rofooei- N.K. Attari- A. Rasekh- A.H. Shodja 343 Article
Multi-Objective Optimization of Time-Cost-Quality Using Multi-Colony Ant Algorithm A. Afshar- A. Kaveh- O.R. Shoghli 113 Article
Experimental Investigation of Honeycomb Constructional Elements M. Saidani- M.W.L. Roberts 125 Article
Sensitivity Analysis for Nonlinear Response of RCMRF Using Pushover Analysis A. Habibi- H. Moharrami- A. Tasnimi 133 Article
A Realistic Evaluation of Permeability and Tensile Strength from Compressive Strength in Cement Sand Mixes A. Kumar 159 Article
Variational Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Beams R. Onchiri- A.M. Maslennikov 175 Article
Non-Linear Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of Structures Based on the Substructure Method A. Gouasmia- K. Djeghaba 183 Article
Studies on Fly Ash Concrete Under Sulphate Attack in Ordinary, Standard And Higher Grades At Earlier Ages N.R. Dakshina Murthy- D. Ramaseshu- M.V. Seshagiri Rao 203 Article
Studies on RC and Ferrocement Jacketed Columns Subjected to Simulated Seismic Loading P. Rathish Kumar- T. Oshima- S. Mikami- T. Yamazaki 215 Article
Catalogue of Iran Strong Motion Records -July to December 2006 E. Farzanegan- H. Mirzaei Alavijeh- F. Sinaiean 227 Technical Notes
Experimental and Numerical Form-finding of Membrane Structures T.S. Loong- H. Abdul Razak- Z. Ismail- C.K. Keong 1 Article
Effect of the Admixtures Reactivity on the Strength of mortars: Application of the Predective Model for Bolomey A. Boudchicha- M. Cheikh Zouaoui- J.L. Gallias- B. Mezghiche 13 Article
Evaluating the Effects of Ground Motion Parameters on Response Spectra of Iranian Earthquakes M. Ahmadizadeh- H. Shakib 25 Article
Effect of Bottom Ash as Replacement of Fine Aggregates in Concrete P. Aggarwal- Y. Aggarwal- S.M. Gupta 49 Article
Experimental Investigation on Cyclic Behavior of Steel Shear Walls H. Veladi- A. Armaghani- A. Davaran 63 Article
A Multi-objective Structural Optimization Using Optimality Criteria and Cellular Automata B. Hassani- S.M. Tavakkoli 77 Article
Studies in Bond Strength in RC Flexural Members M. Shahiq Khan- A.R. Reddy- M. Shariq- J. Prasad 89 Article
Optimal Desigin of Structures With Frequency Constraints Using Wavelet Back Propagation Neural Networks E. Salajegheh- S. Gholizadeh- P. Torkzadeh 97 Article
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