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..Volume 10, Number 1 (Special Issue)-February 2009 (6)
..Volume 10, Number 2-April 2009 (9)
..Volume 10, Number 3-June 2009 (8)
..Volume 10, Number 4-August 2009 (7)
..Volume 10, Number 5-October 2009 (7)
..Volume 10, Number 6-December 2009 (8)
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Engineering Optimization with Hybrid Particle Swarm and Ant Colony Optimization A. Kaveh- S. Talatahari 611 Article
A Study of Measurement and Administrative Maintenance Information System of Civil Engineering Structures Using Optical Fiber Technology M. Nakano- M. Okuno- Sh. Katagiri 629 Article
Optimum Design of Reinforced Earth Walls with Metal Strips; Simulation - Optimization Approach H. Ghiassian- K. Aladini 641 Article
Dynamic Stability of Thin-Walled Member with Variable Stiffness Considering Damping Q. Wang- Y. Luo- L.Y. Wang 655 Article
Investigation on Expansion of Mortars Containing Tuff Natural Pozzolan Due to Sulfate Attack M. Jamshidi- M. Najimi- A.R. Pourkhorshidi Article
Suitability of Glass Fibers in High Strength Recycled Aggregate Concrete - An Experimental Investigation K. Jagannadha Rao- T. Ahmed Khan 681 Article
Aseismic Design with Pre Defined Plastic Hinges - A Study R. Sreekala- N. Lakshmanan- K. Muthumani- A. Mehr Prasad- N. Gopalakrishnan 691 Article
Effect of Isolation Damping on the Response of Base Isolated Structure Krishnamoorthy- Kiran K. Shetty 701 Article
Research on Reliability Assessment of Buried Telecommunication Facilities During Earthquakes M. Nakano- S. Takada- T. Suzuki- T. Takatani 495 Article
Effect of Lateral Quasi-Static Load on Nonlinear Behaviour and Damage Indexes of Retrofitted RC Frame Model A. Vimuttasoongviriya- N. Kwatra and M. Kumar 513 Article
An Experimental Study on the Anti-Seismic Performance of a U-PVC Water Supply Pipeline with Enlarged Expansion Joints M. Nakano- S. Katagiri- S. Takada 539 Article
Prediction Model for Shrinkage of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete S.A Kristiawan- S. Sangadji 549 Article
Endurance Time Method: Exercise Test Applied to Structures H.E. Estekanchi- H.T. Riahi- A. Vafai 559 Article
Isogeometrical Solution of Laplace Equation B. Hassani- N.Z. Moghaddam- S.M. Tavakkoli 579 Article
Shear Walls with Dispersed Input Energy Dissipation Potential J. Sabouri- M. Ziyaeifar 593 Article
Modeling Transient Elastodynamic Problems Using Spectral Element Method N. Khaji- M. Habibi- P. Mirhashemian Article
Simultaneous Analysis, Design and Optimization of Structures Using Force Method and Ant Colony Algorithms A. Kaveh- M. Hassani Article
Wavelet Analysis for Processing of Earthquake Records A. Heidari- E. Salajegheh Article
Calculation of Creep and Shrinkage in Tall Concrete Buildings Using Nonlinear Staged Construction Analysis A. Vafai- M. Ghabdian- H.E. Estekanchi- C.S. Desai Article
Behaviour of Restrained Sifcon Two Way Slabs, Part 1: Flexure H. Sudarsana Rao- N.V. Ramana- K. Gnaneswar Article
Delamination in Cross-Ply Laminated Beams Using the Layerwise Theory Wook Jin Na- J.N. Reddy Article
Behaviour of Restrained Sifcon Two Way Slabs, Part 2: Punching Shear H. Sudarsana Rao- N.V. Ramana- K. Gnaneswar Article
The Effect of Tension Stiffening on the Behaviour of R/C Beams K. Behfarnia 243 Article
Experimental Study of Shear Strength of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Longitudinal Tension Steel R.S. Londhe 257 Article
A Bending, Buckling and Frequency Relationships Between the Euler-Bernoulli and Timoshenko Non- Local Beam Theories J.N. Reddy- C.M. Wang 265 Article
A Four-Node Quadrilateral Element for Finite Element Analysis Via an Efficient Force Method A. Kaveh- E. Naseri Nasab 283 Article
Influence of L/d and e/d ratios on the response of cyclically loaded single pile in uniform clay S. Basack 307 Article
A Refinement of Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Large-Scale Truss Structures E. Doğana- O. Hasançebib- M.P. Saka 321 Article
Investigations on Mechanical Properties of High Strength Silica Fume Concrete V. Bhikshma- K. Nitturkarb- Y.Venkatesham 335 Article
Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Building with Viscoelastic Damper under Near Field Earthquake A. Mortezaei- S.M. Zahrai 347 Technical Notes
Wind Pressure Coefficients Prediction on Different Span to Height Ratios Domes Using artificial Neural Networks G.R. Vesmawala- J.A. Desai- H. S. Patil 131 Article
Uncertainty Analysis o f Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures J. Sobhani- A.A. Ramezanianpour 145 Article
A Kinematic Limit Approach for the Stability Analysis of Nailed Soil Slopes D. Giri- A. Sengupta 163 Article
A Storey Element for Analyzing Frame-Shear Wall Structures Q .F. Wang- D .P. Fang- L .Y. Wang 177 Article
Developing Seismic Fragility Function of Structures by Stochastic Approach K. Nasserasadi- M. Ghafory-Ashtiany- S. Eshghi- M.R. Zolfaghari 183 Article
Mathematical Models For Thermal Conductivity-Density Relationship In Fibrous Thermal Insulations For Practical Applications S. Veiseh- N. Khodabandeh- A. Hakkaki-Fard 201 Article
A Study of Confined Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete in the Plastic Hinging Regions of RC Beams M. Sudhakar- D.R Seshu- A. Kamasundara Rao 215 Technical Notes
The Effect of Randomly Oriented Hair Fiber on Mechanical Properties of Fly-Ash Based Hollow Block for Low Height Masonry Structures J.N. Akhtar- Sh. Ahmad 221 Technical Notes
Strong Motion Record than January to June 2007 H. Mirzaei Alavijeh- F.Sinaiean- E. Farzanegan 229 Technical Notes
Structural Morphology of Tensegrity Systems R. Motro 1 Article
Vibration Prone Multi-Purpose Buildings and Towers Effectively Damped by Tuned Liquid Column-Gas Dampers Ch. Fu- F. Ziegler 21 Article
Hybrid Preview Control of Structures under Earthquake Excitations J. Marzbanrad- G. Ahmadi 57 Article
Reinforcing Concrete Columns With Steel Fibres M.N.S. Hadi 79 Article
Optimum Design of Single Layer Network Domes Using Harmony Search Method S. Carbas- M.P. Saka 97 Article
Formation of Statical Basis For Efficient Force Method By Ant Colony Optimization
A. Kaveh- M. Daei 113 Article
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