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..Volume 22, Number 1 - January 2021 (13)
..Volume 22, Number 2 - February 2021 (14)
..Volume 22, Number 3 - April 2021 (14)
..Volume 22, Number 4, June 2021 (14)
..Volume 22, Number 5, July 2021 (14)
..Volume 22, Number 6, September 2021 (14)
..Volume 22, Number 7 - November 2021 (14)
..Volume 22, Number 8 - December 2021 (14)
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Water penetration resistance of the self-compacting concrete by the combined addition of micro and nano-silica M. Almohammad-albakkar, K. Behfarnia Article
Assessment of time–cost model of public health buildings in Nepal A. K. Mishra, J. S. Sudarsan, S. Nithiyanantham Article
Effect of seismic resistance capacity of moment frames on progressive collapse response of concentrically braced dual systems
Maryam Musavi-Z, Mohammad Reza Sheidaii Article
Aerodynamic analysis of pentagon-shaped tall buildings
Najah Assainar, Sujit Kumar Dalui Article
Experimental investigation on bio-concrete with medical vial glass waste
M. Franchis David,G. Mohan kumar, J. Chandra Bose Article
Performance evaluation of artificial bee colony algorithm and its variants in the optimum design of steel skeletal structures
M. P. Saka, I. Aydogdu Article
Behaviour of hybrid steel beams with closely spaced web openings
Rujuta A. Bhat, Laxmikant M. Gupta Article
Design formulas for channels subject to combined compression, shear and major axis bending
Osama Bedair Article
Experimental and microstructure study on coconut fibre reinforced self compacting concrete (CFRSCC)
Subramanian Shanmugapuram Vivek, Chandrasekaran Prabalini Article
Dynamic behavior of vertically irregular sloping ground buildings
Rayudu Jarapala, Kishore Chandra Biswal Article
Transient responses of laminated composite plates

Prithwish Saha, Kalyan Kumar Mandal Article
Effect of moving resonance on the seismic responses under far-field and near-field earthquakes
Jalal Akbari, Saeed Rozbahani, Mohsen Isari Article
Determination of a unique aftershock spectra
Fatemeh Soleiman Meigooni, Mohsen Tehranizadeh Article
Structural shear retrofitting of reinforced concrete beam: multilayer ferrocement technique
Imrose Bin Muhit, Nur-E-Tanjina Jitu, Md. Rabiul Alam Article
Seismic performance assessment of a G+4 school building in Gujarat, Ahmadabad
Surender Dhoopati, Rajaram Chenna Article
Developing a method for multi-modal shear-based pushover analysis
Farhad Behnamfar, Behzad Tavakoli Article
Identification of critical parameters in active control schemes for optimal structural control
Munish Kumar Bhardwaj Article
Quarry fines: an ideal material for the manufacture of foamed concrete
Sajan K. Jose, Mini Soman, Y. Sheela Evangeline Article
Seismic vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete school building in Nepal
Narayan Ghimire, Hemchandra Chaulagain, Content type: Original Paper, Published: 12 October 2020, Pages: 249 - 262 Article
An experimental study on axial behavior of CFRP-strengthened RC rectangular columns with variable slenderness ratio
Giridhar N. Narule, Abhay N. Bambole Article
Optimum position of outrigger-belt system in a high-rise RCC building through pushover analysis
Aakash Gupta, Debabrata Podder Article
Construction site layout optimization model considering cost and safety in a dynamic environment
Kamal Jaafar, Raghda Elbarkouky, Joel Kennedy Article
Numerical analysis method for evaluating response modification factor for steel structures equipped with friction dampers
Adel Sadeghi, Gholamreza Abdollahzadeh, Seyed Abolfazl Naseri Article
Effect of variation in design acceleration spectrum on the seismic resilience of a building
S. Prasanth, Goutam Ghosh Article
Inter-layer reinforcement of 3D printed concrete elements
Bilal Baz, Georges Aouad, Sébastien Remond Article
A neuro-fuzzy approach to estimate the shear contribution of externally bonded FRP composites
Swapnasarit Kar, A. R. Pandit, K. C. Biswal Article
Flexural response and durability aspects of ECC containing stone slurry powder
Maninder Singh, Babita Saini, H. D. Chalak Article
Parametric study for long-span roof truss subjected to vertical ground motion
Dhiraj D. Ahiwale, Rushikesh R. Khartode Article
Bond behavior of self-compacting mortar containing construction and demolition waste under elevated temperatures
Amar Benyahia Article
Evaluation of mechanical and durability properties of engineered cementitious composites exposed to sulfate attack and freeze–thaw cycle
Alireza Mansoori, Kiachehr Behfarnia Article
Confinement of concrete in double skin tubular members under axial compression loads
Wissam D. Salman, Ahmed Abdullah Mansor Article
Analysis and seismic retrofitting of unreinforced masonry building: a case study
Ishfaq Aziz, Raquib Ahsan, Mehedi Ahmed Ansary Article
Seismic upgrade of deficient RC frames using different configurations of eccentric steel braces
Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Abdul Basit, Ubaidullah Khan Article
Construction claims, their types and causes in the private construction industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Yusuf M. Al Malki, Md Shah Alam Article
Reliability studies on reinforced concrete beam subjected to bending forces with natural stone as coarse aggregate
Daniel Ndakuta Kolo, James Isiwu Aguwa, Sikiru Folahan Oritola Article
Predicting ultimate strength of FRP and lateral steel confined circular concrete columns using Artificial Neural Networks
Fkrat L. Hamid, Ghazi Bahroz Jumaa, Sardasht S. Weli Article
Multi-criteria analysis and ant colony optimization for seismic design of concrete residential buildings at the early stage phase: Algerian case study
Hamza Lanseur, Marzouk Cherrared, Nizar Bel Hadj Ali Article
Parametric study on prestressed concrete-encased CFST subjected to bending using nonlinear finite element modeling
Z. Rahmani, M. Naghipour, M. Nematzadeh Article
Numerical study on lateral performance of RC frame with strong masonry infill
Jonathan T. Mark, I. Yamini Sreevalli Article
Investigation of expansive concrete structures through strain monitoring in field structures
Su Hlaing Myint, Ganchai Tanapornraweekit, Somnuk Tangtermsirikul Article
Finite-element simulation of vehicle impact on a column in a reinforced concrete-framed structure
Partheepan Ganesan, B. Ramsagar Article
Investigating the behavior of circular concrete filled PVC tube columns under concentric and eccentric load using FEM Ali Alinejad, Alireza Khaloo, Sina Hassanpour Article
Tacit knowledge sharing in construction: a system dynamics approach

Muhammad Bilal Tahir, Khurram Iqbal Ahmad Khan, Abdur Rehman Nasir Article
Behavior of sisal fiber-reinforced concrete in exterior beam-column joint under monotonic loading
Abass Abayomi Okeola, John Mwero, Abdulhafeez Bello Article
Dynamic behavior assessment of public buildings in Syria using non-linear time-history analysis and ambient noise measurements: a case study
Amjad Al-Helwani, Mohamad Khir Abdul-wahed, Mohanad Talal Alfach Article
Seismic behavior of buildings in Mexico City during the 2017 Puebla–Morelos earthquake

A. Tena-Colunga, H. Hernández-Ramírez, E. A. Godínez-Domínguez, L. E. Pérez-Rocha, A. Grande-Vega, L. A. Urbina-Californias Article
Earthquake vulnerability of city regions based on building typology: rapid assessment survey

Dharsana Satish, E. Lalith Prakash, K. B. Anand Article
Second-order analysis of plane steel structures using Rankine-Merchant-Wood approach

Boukeloua Smail, Samai Mohamed Laid Article
Behaviour of the partial steel-jacketed preloaded RC columns under concentric axial load

Farjana Akter, Mahbuba Begum Article
Experimental investigation on assessment of lateral strength of earthen wall blocks in adobe houses

Bipul Sen, Ayan Saha, Rajib Saha Article
Performance-based management for construction holdings by integration of measurement frameworks

Amirnojan Naderi, Eghbal Shakeri, Amir Golroo Article
Dynamic response of dry ashlar masonry arch using discrete element method

Ramniwas Sharma, Shiv Dayal Bharti, Mahendra K. Shrimali, Aaditaya Raj Roshan, Nishant Roy Article
Optimum design of reinforced concrete sections in flexure and shortcomings of prescriptive method of design

Bijoy Kumar Jha, Santanu Bhanja Article
Development of analytical model of nonlinear stiffness bracing system for structures subjected to dynamic load

Amir Fateh, Farzad Hejazi Article
Social network analysis of project procurement in Iranian construction mega projects Soroush Shabani Ardakani, Mazdak Nik-Bakht Article
Recycling of waste bagasse ash in concrete for sustainable construction Malkit Singh, Rafat Sidddique, Sahibdeep Singh Setia, Gurpreet Singh Article
Seismic vulnerability assessment of low-rise unreinforced masonry buildings in Northeast India considering variability of material properties Lipika Halder, Sekhar Chandra Dutta, Pranoy Debnath, Richi Prasad Sharma Article
Experimental study on fatigue performance of Q420qD high-performance steel cross joint in complex environment Haigen Cheng, Cong Hu, Yong Jiang Article
Evaluation of energy use intensity (EUI) and energy cost of commercial building in India using BIM technology

Sharda G. Mahiwal, Manas Kumar Bhoi, Naimish Bhatt Article
Effect of near-field earthquake on masonry structure Adeela Afreen, Akil Ahmed, Khalid Moin Article
Seismic performance of RC columns retrofitted by CFRP wrapping ‘Study of the influencing parameters’ Zakaria Gahmousse, Mohamed-Said Djebbar, Nabil Djebbar Article
Active seismic control strategy for comparable simultaneous reductions of more than one response Faisal Rather, Mehtab Alam Article
Effect of beam and column dimensions on the behavior of RC beam-column joints Ahmad Kaviani, Hamed Dabiri, Ali Kheyroddin Article
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system prediction model for the mechanical behaviour of rice husk ash and periwinkle shell concrete blend for sustainable construction George U. Alaneme, Elvis M. Mbadike, Uzoma I. Iro, Iberedem M. Udousoro, William C. Ifejimalu Article
Progressive collapse in an eccentric braced frame through extended progressive collapse analysis algorithm Pariya Salimi, Hosseinali Rahimi Bondarabadi Article
Fundamental period of RC buildings with infill walls in Nepal Bibek Panthi, Peshal Dahal, Prabesh Shrestha, Kamal Bahadur Thapa Article
Influence of planar irregularities on seismic responses of RC building Md. Naimul Haque, Md. Basir Zisan, Md. Golam Kibria, Ayan Kumar Dey Article
Tensile behavior of grouted sleeve couplers connecting steel bars with transition splicing Haider M. Al-Jelawy Article
Advance repairing technique for enhancement of stiffness of post-heated concrete cylinders Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Yaqub, Afaq Ahmad, Muhammad Usman Rashid Article
Incorporation of artifi cial neural network with principal
component analysis and cross-validation technique to
predict high-performance concrete compressive strength
M.M. Hameed, M.K. AlOmar, W.J. Baniya, M.A. AlSaadi Article
Multiple repair scheduling of Markovian deteriorated concrete structure I.Md. Shafi qul Article
Behaviour of CFDST and RCC member hybrid frames
A. Hassan, J.A. Bhat Article
Experimental study on behavior of ferrocement retrofi tted unconfi ned URM wall under cyclic loading Md.M. Asif, Md.Z. Alam, R. Ahsan Article
Eff ect of exposure to fi re on a concrete slab with calcareous aggregate V. Afkhami, E. Dehghani, M. Arezoumandi Article
Modelling the eff ect of distribution of locations of X-added damping and stiff ness steel dampers in reinforced concrete buildings Mhd.F. Nakrash, M. Alshukur, K. Al-Homsi Article
Seismic behaviour of UHPC columns with various tie confi gurations K.R. Bindhu, S. Ansari, M.S. Vaisakh Article
Random response analysis of adjacent structures connected with friction damper C.C. Patel Article
Comparison of seismic behavior of chevron and suspended-zipper braced frames under near-fault ground motion F. Emami, M. Bakhtiari-Moghadam Article
Experimental and numerical investigations on the collapse behaviour of RC fl at slab structures A.K. Do, T.N. Nguyen, C.Q. Tran, H.T. Nguyen, D.X. Pham Article
Behaviour of a single angle tension member welded at single leg and both legs

J.R. Dhanuskar, L.M. Gupta Article
Evaluation of coarse recycled concrete aggregates eff ect on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete A. Ait Mohamed Amer, K. Ezziane, M. Adjoudj Article
Enhanced beetle antenna search: a swarm intelligence algorithm S. Yousif, M.P. Saka Article
Seismic response of the secondary piping system under bi-directional earthquake V. Kamble, S.D. Bharti, M.K. Shrimali Article
Effect of foundation shape and properties of the adjacent buildings on the railway-induced vibrations Jabbarali Zakeri, Morteza Esmaeili Article
Comparison of aerodynamic coefficients of various types of Y-plan-shaped tall buildings Prasenjit Sanyal, Sujit Kumar Dalui Article
Black Hole Mechanics Optimization: a novel meta-heuristic algorithm A. Kaveh, M. R. Seddighian, E. Ghanadpour Article
Comparison of seismic behavior of steel building adjacent to slope topography by considering fixed-base, SSI and TSSI Mohammad Javad Shabani, Ali Ghanbari Article
Prediction of inelastic response of base-isolated building frame by pushover analysis Mohit Bhandari Article
Field occurrence of thaumasite sulfate attack: prevention perspective Mohammad Javad Daeizadeh, Khashayar Ebrahimi Article
Behaviour of cold jointed and layered Portland cement–alkali-activated reinforced concrete beams Sulaem Musaddiq Laskar, Humayun Reja, Sudip Talukdar Article
Utilizing BIM technology to improve sustainability analyses for Iraqi Construction Projects Farah Faaq Taha, Wadhah Amer Hatem, Nidal Adnan Jasim Article
Improved metaheuristics through migration-based search and an acceptance probability for truss optimization Sumit Kumar, Ghanshyam G. Tejani, Nantiwat Pholdee Article
The effect of formwork liner on the service life of self-compacting concrete S. Kandasamy, S. Kothandaraman Article
Documentation of construction project using integration of BIM and GIS technique Abbas Mahde Abd, Ali Hussein Hameed Article
Quasi-static cyclic load performance of encased concrete-filled steel tubular with steel loops joint using sustainable concrete P. S. Aravind Raj, R. Divahar, S. P. Sangeetha Article
Exact solution of vibrations of beams with arbitrary translational supports using shape function method Peter Chang, Xingzhuang Zhao Article
Using measured mile method to quantify the loss of labor productivity in Iraqi construction site Zahraa R. A. Al-Rubaye, Ahmed Mohammed Raoof Mahjoob Article
Seismic performance of RC frames under sequential ground motion
Athar Tauheed, Mehtab Alam Article
Experimental and simplified visual study to clarify the role of aggregate–paste interface on the early age shrinkage and creep of high-performance concrete

Arman Montazerian, Mahmoud Nili, Nikta Loghmani Article
Simplified criteria for the prediction of shear failure mechanism in low-rise RC frames with masonry infills Rimpy Khokhar, Svetlana Brzev Article
Seismic response control of adjacent buildings using optimal backward-shared tuned mass damper inerter and optimal backward-shared tuned inerter damper Salah Djerouni, Mahdi Abdeddaim, Abdelhafid Ounis Article
Performance of on-ground double-roof RCC shelter with energy absorption layers under close-in air-blast loading S. M. Anas, Mehtab Alam, Mohammad Umair Article
Damage detection in RC beam utilizing feed-forward backpropagation neural network technique Nikhil Mahar, Debabrata Podder Article
Structural modelling of reinforced concrete planar frames under vertical ground motion Grigorios E. Manoukas Article
Experimental investigation on flexural strengthening of RC slabs using natural fiber reinforced polymer composites (NFRPC) B. Nambiyanna, M. Alla Bakash, R. Prabhakara Article
Experimental investigation on mechanical performance of high-strength concrete containing polypropylene fiber exposed to high temperature Bokul Roy, Abu Sayed Mohammad Akid, Md. Saiful Islam Article
Interference effect on corner-configured structures with variable geometry and blockage configurations under wind loads using CFD Nikhil Gaur, Ritu Raj, Pradeep K. Goyal Article
Analysis of steel fibre reinforced concrete beams in flexure: the experimental investigation Kranti Jain, Bichitra Singh Negi Article
Effect of rotational components of strong ground motions on behavior of high-rise buildings with outrigger and belt-truss system Afshin Khodaparast, HamidReza Tavakoli, Hamid Rajabnejad Article
Behaviour of precast coconut shell concrete column–beam junction under static load G. Pennarasi, R. Ramasubramani, K. Gunasekaran Article
Damage detection in a cantilever beam using noisy mode shapes with an application of artificial neural network-based improved mode shape curvature technique Sonu Kumar Gupta, Surajit Das Article
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