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..Volume 20, Number 1 - January 2019 (12)
..Volume 20, number 2, February 2019 (12)
..Volume 20, number 3, April 2019 (12)
..Volume 20, Number 4 - June 2019 (12)
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Numerical study on influence of masonry infill in an RC frame- Pages 1-8
Varun Singh Chandel- I. Yamini Sreevalli Article
Microstructural and physicomechanical properties of mortars-based dredged sediment- Pages 9-19
Hassan Ez-zaki- Abdeljebbar Diouri Article
Finite element study on vertical characteristic of modified circular perforated-reinforced elastomeric isolators (MC-PREIs)- Pages 21-33
Yudha Lesmana- Hidajat Sugihardjo Article
Numerical assessment of the load transfer in steel coupling beam-reinforced concrete shear wall connection- Pages 35-47
Lylia Madouni- Mohand Ould Ouali Article
Material design and characterization of pervious concrete reactive barrier containing nano-silica and fine pumice aggregate- Pages 49-56
Abolghasem Alighardashi, Mohammad Javad Mehrani Article
Assessment of the influence of micro- and nano-silica on the behavior of self-compacting lightweight concrete using full factorial design- Pages 57-70
Oveys Afzali-Naniz- Moosa Mazloom Article
Improving the properties of waste plastic lightweight aggregates-based composite mortars in an experimental saline environment- Pages 71-85
M. T. Gouasmi- A. S. Benosman- H. Taïbi Article
Simplified empirical model for shear strength of RC beam–column joints- Pages 87-111
Kanak N. Parate- Ratnesh Kumar Article
Mechanical properties of self-compacting coconut shell concrete blended with fly ash- Pages 113-124
I. H. Adebakin- K. Gunasekaran- R. Annadurai Article
Investigation of retrofitting RC moment resisting frames with ADAS yielding dampers- Pages 125-133
M. TahamouliRoudsari- K. Cheraghi- M. R. Habibi Article
Effect of nano-silica and nano-waste material on durability and corrosion rate of steel reinforcement embedded in high-performance concrete- Pages 135-147
Taher A. Tawfik- Magdy A. El-Yamani- S. Abd El-Aleem Article
Castellated and common cruciform steel columns under axial and lateral cyclic loading- Pages 149-161
Ebrahim Farajpourbonab Article
Use of waste foundry sand with multiscale modeling in concrete- Pages 163-170
K. Sarumathi- S. Elavenil- A. S. Vinoth Article
Experimental theoretical and numerical studies on cold-formed steel stub channel columns with stiffeners- Pages 171-185
G. Beulah Gnana Ananthi- B. Ashvini Article
Parametric study on cylindrical water tanks by varying their aspect ratios- Pages 187-196
Abhyuday Titiksh Article
Effect of dynamic soil–structure interaction on the seismic response of bridges with elastomeric bearings- Pages 197-207
B. Neethu- Diptesh Das Article
Experimental study of precast dry connections constructed away from beam–column junction under progressive collapse scenario- Pages 209-222
Digesh D. Joshi- Paresh V. Patel Article
Developing of a mathematical model for selecting a project manager using hierarchical analysis process- Pages 223-235
Hatem Khaleefah Breesam Article
Structural behavior of thin ferrocement plates with and without stiffeners subjected to compression loading- Pages 237-260
Yousry B. I. Shaheen- Zeinab A. Etman- Osama Gomaa Article
Numerical analysis of non-restrained long-span steel beams at high temperatures due to fire- Pages 261-267
Abdelhak Kada- Belkacem Lamri Article
Tensile modeling of steel fiber reinforced concrete- Pages 269-280
Mahdi Moradi- Ali Reza Bagherieh Article
Flexural behaviour of cold-formed steel beams filled with GGBS concrete and wrapped with GFRP- Pages 281-287
M. Grisilda- S. Anne Ligoria Article
Effects of simultaneous utilization of natural zeolite and magnetic water on engineering properties of self-compacting concrete- Pages 289-300
Mohammad Hajforoush- Rahmat Madandoust Article
Comparison between the seismic codes of Nepal, India, Japan, and EU- Pages 301-312
Prajwal Giri- Anand Dev Bhatt- Dipendra Gautam Technical Notes
An innovative base isolator with steel rings and a rubber core- 313

S.B. Talaeitaba- M.M. Pourmasoud- M. Jabbari Article
Shear strength of self-compacting concrete and recycled aggregate concrete beams: an appraisal of design codes- 327

S. Ahmad - Q. Inaam Article
Bayesian probabilistic seismic hazard analysis with respect to near-fault eff ects- 341

M. Rahimi- A. Yahyaabadi Article
Design criteria essential for an uncontrolled demolition (explosion)- 351

G. McKenzie- B. Samali- C. Zhang Article
Transient Galerkin fi nite volume solution of dynamic stress intensity factors- 371

S.R. Sabbagh-Yazdi- A. Farhoud- M. Zabihi-Samani Article
Evaluating inelastic performance of mega-scale bracing systems in low- and medium-rise structures- 383

M. Mazloom- M. Gholipour- M. Ghasemi Article
Mecano-reliability analysis applied to RC tank under seismic loads according to the Algerian seismic standard- 395

A. Aliche- H. Hammoum- K. Bouzelha Article
Study of seismic response characteristics of building frame models using shake table test and considering soil–structure interaction- 409

M. Kumar- S.S. Mishra Article
Eff ect of combined vertical and horizontal shear links on nonlinear behavior of eccentrically braced frames- 421

A. Larabat Ziane- D. Kerdal- A. Seghir Article
Potential alkali silica reactivity of aggregates from diff erent sources of Kashmir and mitigation measures thereof- 437

S.K. Bukhari Article
Structural performance of Nissibi cable-stayed bridge during the main and aftershocks of Adıyaman-Samsat earthquake on March 2, 2017- 443

A. Bayraktar- A. Ashour- H. Karadeniz- A. Kurşun- A. Erdiş Article
Seismic fragility assessment for moment-resisting concrete frame with setback under repeated earthquakes- 465

M.M. Kassem- F. Mohamed Nazri- L.J. Wei- C.G. Tan- S. Shahidan- S.S. Mohd Zuki Article
Dynamic response of a tall building next to deep excavation considering soil–structure interaction- 479
A. Akhtarpour- M. Mortezaee Article
Quantifying response variability of steel moment frames due to seismic uncertainties- 503
A.H. Norouzi- M. Gerami Article
Flexural performance of hybrid polypropylene–polyolefin FRC composites- 515
P.B. Sakthivel- S. Govindasami- N. Suman Article
Comparative investigation on effect of fibers in the flexural response of post tensioned beam- 527
R. Shanthi Vengadeshwari- H.N. Jagannatha Reddy Article

Analytical study of effect of web opening on flexural behaviour of hybrid beams- 537
S.G. Morkhade- M. Kshirsagar- R. Dange- A. Patil Article
Scheduling of repetitive construction projects using geographic information systems: an integration of critical path method and line of balance- 549
A. Tomar- V.K. Bansal Article
Rice husk and water treatment plant sludge incorporated into soil–cement brick- 563
M.F.L. Barbosa- A.B.S. Pironcelli- C.A. Silva- A.C. Junior- M.P. Cereda- F.J.C. Magalhães Filho Article
Passive cooling strategies in roof design to improve the residential building thermal performance in tropical region- 571
R. Lapisa- A. Karudin- F. Rizal- Krismadinata- Nasruddin Article
Influence of silica fume and blast furnace slag on the dynamic and mechanical properties of concrete- 581
M. Benmammar- S.M.E.A. Boukli Hacene- O. Taleb Article
Effect of retarding superplasticizers on the properties of cement paste, mortar and concrete- 591
G.M.S. Islam- M.T. Raihan- Md.M. Hasan- Md. Rashadin Article
Seismic behavior of post-tensioned precast wide U beam–column interior joint: a finite element study- 603
R.P. Bohara- G. Tanapornraweekit- S. Tangtermsirikul Article
State-dependent fragility curves using real and artificial earthquake sequences- 619
S. Yaghmaei-Sabegh- R. Mahdipour-Moghanni Article
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