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..Volume 19, Number 1 - January 2018 (10)
..Volume 19, Number 2 - February 2018 (10)
..Volume 19, Number 3 - April 2018 (10)
..Volume 19, Number 4 - June 2018 (10)
..Volume 19, Number 5 - July 2018 (10)
..Volume 19, Number 6 - September 2018 (10)
..Volume 19, Number 7 - November 2018 (10)
..Volume 19, Number 8 - December 2018 (10)
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Insight into an implicit time integration method based on Bezier curve and third-order Bernstein basis function for structural dynamics- Pages 1-11 Mohammad Mahdi Malakiyeh- Saeed Shojaee Article
Simplified models to control plastic hinges in reinforced concrete frame structures- Pages 13-25 A. Nekmouche- M. Hamizi- N. Khelil- A. Kezmane Article
Behaviour of punching shear in normal RC slab and waffle slab - Pages 27-33 C. Arunkumar- Kotta Saketh- S. Srinivasa senthil Article
Retrofitting welded flange plate moment connection with rib reinforcing - Pages 35-49
M. Ghassemieh- M. Farzaneh Article
Early age test on sugarcane bagasse ash supplementary cementitious material treated with different water - Pages 51-54
R. Gopalakrishnan- S. Nithiyanantham Article
ON the performance of isogeometric analysis for elasto-plastic plane stress problems - Pages 55-65
H. S. Kazemi- S. M. Tavakkoli Article
An equivalent linear substructure approximation for the analysis of the liquefaction effects on the dynamic soil–structure interaction- Pages 67-78
Mohammad Iman Khodakarami- Ali Lashgari Article
Seismic performance-based assessment of tunnel form building subjected to near- and far-fault ground motions- Pages 79-92 Seyed Bahram Behesthi Aval- Vahid Mohsenian Article
A hybrid force/displacement seismic design method for steel eccentrically braced frames- Pages 93-102
Ali Fakhraddini- Hamed Saffari- Mohammad Javad Fadaee Article
Properties of recycled aggregate and recycled aggregate concrete: effect of parent concrete- Pages 103-110
M. Chakradhara Rao Article
Knowledge-based decision support system for identification of crack causes in concrete buildings- Pages 111-120
T. Barkavi- C. Natarajan Article
Numerical simulation and experimental investigation on static behavior of cold formed steel beam with trapezoidally corrugated web by varying depth-thickness ratio- Pages 121-137
R. Divahar- P. S. Joanna Article
Assessing embodied GHG emission reduction potential of cost-effective technologies for construction of residential buildings of Economically Weaker Section in India- Pages 139-156
Nilanjan Sengupta- Souvanic Roy- Himadri Guha Article
Flexural behaviour of one-way patched reinforced concrete (RC) slab under concentrated load- Pages 157-164
Stefanus Kristiawan- Agus Supriyadi Article
Probabilistic verses deterministic method of seismic performance evaluation- Pages 165-176
V. S. Patil- S. N. Tande Article
Seismic control of buildings with active tuned mass damper through interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller including soil–structure interaction- Pages 177-188
Siamak Golnargesi- Hashem Shariatmadar Article
Effect of local geometrical imperfection on dynamic buckling of cylindrical storage tanks- Pages 189-203
A. Chikhi- M. Djermane Article
Comparison of aerodynamic coefficients of setback tall buildings due to wind load- Pages 205-221
Amlan Kumar Bairagi- Sujit Kumar Dalui Article
Modification of pre-Kobe column-tree moment resisting connection- Pages 223-237
A. Baharmast- J. Razzaghi- S. Kamouneh Article
A feasibility study on the implementation of building information modeling (BIM): from the architects’ & engineers’ perspective- Pages 239-247
S. Arunkumar- V. Suveetha- Aishwarya Ramesh Article
Nonlinear dynamic analysis of arch dams considering contraction joints- Pages 249-262
Hanane Lombarkia- Abdelkrim Kadid- Youcef Youb Article
Strengthening of RC beams using externally bonded laminate (EBL) technique with end anchorages under flexure- Pages 263-272
N. Jeevan- H. N. Jagannatha Reddy Article
ADOSH: software with graphic user interface for analysis and design of truss structures- Pages 273-286
Natee Panagant- Sujin Bureerat Article
Study of the effects of shrinkage on concretes based on pozzolana and perlite- Pages 287-294
O. Chaib- M. Mouli- A. S. Benosman- M. Hamadache Article
Effects of finite element modeling and analysis techniques on response of steel moment-resisting frame in dynamic column removal scenarios- Pages 295-307
F. Kiakojouri- M. R. Sheidaii Article
Effect of the uncertainty on the formulated seismic behavior of RC buildings to a given earthquake- Pages 309-317
S. Dorbani- M. Badaoui- D. Benouar Article
Investigation of the behavior of reinforced concrete-coupled shear wall with opening using IDA analysis- Pages 319-332
Safoura Darabi- Reza Aghayari Article
Analytical and experimental study on web-crippling behaviour of cold-formed C-section with and without FRP wrapping- Pages 333-342
M. Prakash- N. Parthasarathi- K. S. Satyanarayanan Article
Experimental study on seismic behavior of repaired tunnel form building under cyclic loading- Pages 343-354
N. H. Hamid- S. A. Anuar- H. Awang- M. E. Kori Article
Key parameters influencing performance and failure modes for interaction soil–pile–structure system under lateral loading- Pages 355-373
Gasmi Houda- Bouzid Tayeb- D. Yahiaoui Article
Formulation of damping reduction factor for the Algerian seismic code - Pages 375-385 B. Benahmed Article
Automated constructability rating framework for concrete formwork systems using building information modeling - Pages 387-413
M. Ramesh Kannan- M. Helen Santhi Article
Construction delays in privately funded large building projects in Bangladesh - Pages 415-429 Muhammad Saiful Islam- Bambang Trigunarsyah Suhariadi Article
Approximation of the state variables of Navier’s differential equation in transient dynamic problems using finite element method based on complex Fourier shape functions - Pages 431-450 Saleh Hamzehei-Javaran Article
Performance of alkali-activated slag concrete against sulphuric acid attack - Pages 451-461
G. Madhuri- K. Srinivasa Rao Article
Evaluating the allocation of contingency on state DOT projects based on project types and rate of cost overruns - Pages 463-472 George Okere Article
Performance of lightweight concrete one-way slabs using medium-K basaltic andesite pumice and scoria - Pages 473-485 Hendro Suseno- Agoes Soehardjono- I. N. G. Wardana Article
Predicting compressive strength of geopolymer concrete using NDT techniques - Pages 513-525 C. Sreenivasulu- J. Guru Jawahar- C. Sashidhar Article
The effective length factor of columns in unsymmetrical frames asymmetrically loaded - Pages 487-499

A. Slimani- F. Ammari- R. Adman Article
Developing green cement paste using binary and ternary cementitious blends of low pozzolanic sewage sludge ash and colloidal nanosilica (short-term properties) - Pages 501-511
Hadi Bahadori- Payam Hosseini Article
Analytical study on innovative VHS-steel section stub CFT columns- Pages 527-534

Junaid Nabi- S. Elavenil Article
CFD simulation of hemispherical domes: structural flexibility and interference factors- Pages 535-551

Hossein Sadeghi- Mahmoud Heristchian Article
In-plane shear behavior of masonry walls strengthened with steel fiber-reinforced concrete overlay- Pages 553-570
M. A. Najafgholipour- S. M. Dehghan- A. R. Kamrava Article
Inelastic seismic response of torsionally unbalanced structures with soft first story- Pages 571-581
Mansour Ouazir- Amar Kassoul- Abderrahmane Ouazir Article
Investigation of mechanical properties of mortar with mixed recycled aggregates- Pages 583-593
Ali Heidari- Masoumeh Hashempour- Hamed Javdanian Article
Sensitivity and fragility analysis of steel moment frames subjected to progressive collapse- Pages 595-606
Arash Naji Article
Analytical solutions for bending, buckling, and vibration analyses of exponential functionally graded higher order beams- Pages 607-623
Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad- Yuwaraj M. Ghugal Article
Optimization model for construction project resource leveling using a novel modified symbiotic organisms search- Pages 625-638
Doddy Prayogo- Min-Yuan Cheng- Foek Tjong Wong Article
Correlation between compressive strength and other properties of engineered cementitious composites with high-volume natural pozzolana- Pages 639-646
Said Choucha- Amar Benyahia- Mohamed Ghrici Article
Analytical and experimental study on reinforced concrete arch by photoelasticity technique- Pages 647-650
N. Parthasarathi- S. Srinivasa Senthil- M. Prakash Article
Shear behavior of horizontal joints between precast panels- Pages 651-662 R. Pramodh- V. Shripriyadharshini- R. Vidjeapriya Article
Assessment and enhancement of the behavior of lightly RC wall elements subjected to pure shear- Pages 663-671
Salima Djehaichia- Rachid Lassoued Article
Properties of structural lightweight concrete containing treated oil palm shell as coarse aggregate- Pages 673-678 V. Swamynadh- K. Muthumani Article
Efficient robust design optimization of rail bridge hollow pier considering uncertain but bounded type parameters in metamodeling framework- Pages 679-692 Soumya Bhattacharjya- Sanniv Banerjee- Gaurav Datta Article
Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete membrane elements considering tension stiffening- Pages 693-701
V. Broujerdian- A. Kaveh- M. Rahmani Article
Evolution of 112-day drying shrinkage equation of fly ash blended self-compacting concrete- Pages 703-712
J. Guru Jawahar- B. Yakshareddy- C. Sashidhar Article
Bond strength determination between coconut shell aggregate concrete and steel reinforcement by pull-out test- Pages 713-723
Yashida Nadir- A. Sujatha Article
Structural performance of precast–prestressed hollow core slabs subjected to negative bending moments- Pages 725-740
Boshra El-taly- Youssef HasabElnaby- Nageh Meleika Article
Evaluation of seismic behavior improvement in RCS connections- Pages 741-754
Rahmat Madandoust- Mehrdad Vatandoost Article
Correction to: Seismic control of buildings with active tuned mass damper through interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller including soil–structure interaction- Page 755
Siamak Golnargesi- Hashem Shariatmadar Article
Contribution to the seismic behaviour of steel silos: full finite-element analysis versus the Eurocode approach- Pages 757-773 Zaoui Djelloul- Djermane Mohammed Article
Review of the basics of state of the art of blast loading- Pages 775-791
Bijan Samali- Graeme McKenzie- Chunwei Zhang Article
Design strategies for fragment and projectile penetration into steel and concrete structural elements using CONWEP- Pages 793-809

Graeme McKenzie- Bijan Samali- Chunwei Zhang Article
Damage detection of truss structures by hybrid immune system and teaching–learning-based optimization- Pages 811-825

Mohsen Shahrouzi- Amir-Hossein Sabzi Article
The estimation of selling possibility of houses- Pages 827-837 Jeyhun Abbasov Article
Influence of load position on critical lateral torsional buckling moment of laterally restrained beam at tense flange- Pages 839-848 T. Belaid- F. Ammari- R. Adman Article
Seismic response control of a building by negative stiffness devices- Pages 849-866

Gisha Mary Mathew, R. S. Jangid Article
Abrasion resistance and compressive strength of unprocessed rice husk ash concrete- Pages 867-876

Abdul Rachman Djamaluddin, Muhammad Akbar Caronge Article
Optimal seismic design of steel moment frames by un-damped multi-objective vibrating particles system- Pages 877-891

Mohsen Shahrouzi- Hamed Farah-Abadi Article
Flexural strengthening of RC beams with externally bonded (EB) techniques using prestressed and non-prestressed CFRP laminate- Pages 893-912

N. Jeevan- H. N. Jagannatha Reddy- R. Prabhakara Article
Numerical modeling of the pathological case of a damaged tunnel application to Djebel El-Ouahch tunnel (east–west highway)- Pages 913-925

Aicha Berkane- Toufik Karech Article
Predominant frequency detection of seismic signal based on Gabor–Wigner transform for earthquake early warning systems- Pages 927-936

Roshan Kumar- Wei Zhao Article
Factor influencing point load tests on concrete- Pages 937-947

Rahmat Madandoust- Zeynab Fallah Zarjoo Bazkiyaei Article
Forecasting schedule reliability using the reliability of agents’ promises- Pages 949-962

Mostafa Khanzadi- Mohammad M. Shahbazi Article
Effect of fly ash and rice husk ash on strength and durability of binary and ternary blend cement mortar- Pages 963-970

Vishvanath N. Kanthe- Shirish V. Deo- Meena Murmu Article
Repairing steel beams with different notch levels using composite materials- Pages 971-991

Boshra El-Taly Article
Earthquake recurrence effect on the response reduction factor of steel moment frame- Pages 993-1008
Gholamreza Abdollahzadeh- Adel Sadeghi Article
Enhancement of hydraulic activity of slag-blended Portland cement- Pages 1009-1020

Ali Allahverdi- Afsaneh Maleki- Mostafa Mahinroosta Article
Formulation and performance evaluation of alkali-activated self-compacting concrete- Pages 1021-1036
V. K. Nagaraj- D. L. Venkatesh Babu Article
Seismic performance evaluation of steel frame structures equipped with tuned liquid dampers- Pages 1037-1053

Sareh Akbarpoor- Seyed Mehdi Dehghan Article
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