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..Volume 17, Number 1-Febraury 2016 (10)
..Volume 17, Number 2- April 2016 (10)
..Volume 17, Number 3- May 2016 (10)
..Volume 17, Number 4- June 2016 (9)
..Volume 17, Number 5 - August 2016 (10)
..Volume 17, Number 6 - October 2016 (10)
..Volume 17, Number 7 - November 2016 (10)
..Volume 17, Number 8 - December 2016 (10)
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Fracture and Flexural Behavior of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete G. Dhinakaran- S. Vijayarakhavan- K. Revanth Kumar 1 Article
Investigation of the Effective Parameters on the Strength and Ductility of the Welded Flange Plate Connections A.A. Hedayat- H. Saffari- E. Jazebi 15 Article
Modified Explicit Scheme of Return Mapping Integration Algorithm on Rotational Hardening Constitutive Model for Clay A. Shirmohammadi- M. Hajialilue Bonab- S. Soleymani Shishvan 43 Article
Structural Performance of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Laminated Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams S. Syed Ibrahim- S. Eswari- T. Sundararajan 59 Article
Damage Identification of Truss Structures Using CBO and ECBO Algorithms A. Kaveh- V.R. Mahdavi 75 Article
Model Experimental Study on the Behaviour of Tall Staggered Wall Structures A. Kada- B. Lamri- N. Benlakehal- A. Bouchair 91 Article
Using More Accurate Strain for Three-Dimensional Truss Analysis M. Rezaiee-Pajand- R. Naserian 107 Article
Strength Properties of Fly Ash and GGBS Based Geo Polymer Concrete J. Guru Jawahar- G. Mounika 127 Article
Behaviour of Bolted Cold Formed Steel Channel Tension Members S. Jaghan- R. Padmapriya 137 Technical Notes
Behaviour of Concrete Encased Steel Composite Short Column Subjected to Uniaxial Static Loading S.S. Vivek- D. Anjali- G. Dhinakaran 67 Article
Effect of Steel Fiber Corrosion on Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete E. Alizade- F. Jandaghi Alaee- S. Zabihi 147 Article
Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using CFRP Laminates R. Kishore- N. Zia Nasiry- A. Muslim Rujhan 159 Article
Size Effect Simulation of Shear Critical RC Members: Local-Average Stress Field Approach A. Jahanmohammadi- M. Soltani 169 Article
Dolphin Echolocation Optimization for Design of Cantilever Retaining Walls A. Kaveh- N. Farhoudi 193 Article
Performance Investigation of Neuro-Fuzzy System for Earthquake Prediction M. Mirrashid- M. Givehchi- M. Miri- R. Madandoust 213 Article
Prediction of the Damping Reduction Factor by Neural Networks B. Benahemd- M. Hamoutenne- B. Tiliouine- M. Badaoui 225 Article
Modeling Criteria for the Main-Shocked Damaged Reinforced Concrete Columns A. Moshref- M. Tehranizadeh- M. Khanmohammadi 235 Article
Behaviour of Cold-Formed Steel Built-up Closed Section with Intermediate Web Stiffener under Bending P. Manikandan- S. Sukumar 249 Article
Optimal Design of Tapered Latticed ColumnsUsing Four Meta-heuristic Optimization Algorithms A. Kaveh- Sh. Hasana 259 Article
Compressive Strength of Concrete Made with COAL Washery Rejects as Coarse Aggregate R. Rajesh Kumar- K. Shalini- J. Guru Jawahar- P. Jagadeesh- P. Rama Mohan Rao 271 Technical Notes
Preliminary Studies on Self Compacting Geopolymer Concrete Using Manufactured Sand C. Sashidhar- J. Guru Jawahar- C. Neelima- D. Pavan Kumar AJCE 277 Article
Behaviour of Cold-Formed Steel Built-Up Closed Section with Intermediate Web Stiffener Under Bending P. Manikandan- S. Sukumar AJCE 289 Article
Symbiotic Organisms Search for Optimum Design of Frame and Grillage Systems S. Talatahari AJCE 299 Article
Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforced Concrete Beam G. Dhinakaran- S. Gowrisankar- A. Jeyasehar AJCE 315 Article
Aerodynamic Coefficients for a Rectangular Tall Building Under Sub-urban Terrain Using Wind Tunnel H. Sarath Kumar- S. Selvi Rajan- A. Joseph Andrew- G. Ramesh Babu- N. Srinivasa Rao- J. Guru Jawahar AJCE 325 Article
An Experimental Investigation on the Development of Saw Dust Polymer Composite for Door Shutter Application as a Substitute to Natural Wood R. K. Morchhale- M. D. Goel- Priyanka Patel- S. Murali AJCE 335 Article
Compressive Strength of Thermal Cured GGBFS Based Geopolymer Concrete A. Rajarajeswari- G. Dhinakaran AJCE 347 Article
Evaluation of Urban Heat Islands Mitigation Strategies Using 3dimentional Urban Micro-Climate Model ENVI-Met A. Maleki- A. Mahdavi AJCE 357 Article
Effect of Natural Admixture on Fresh Properties and Compressive Strength of Class C Fly Ash Blended Concrete T.S. Ramesh Babu- D. Neeraja AJCE 373 Article
Experimental Behavior of Strengthened RC Columns Under Cyclic Loading S. Ma- N. Muhamad Bunnori AJCE 385 Article
Effect of Dynamic Unloading of Cables in Collapse Progression Through a Cable Stayed Bridge Rajarshi Das- A.D. Pandey Soumya- M.J. Mahesh- P. Saini- S. Anvesh AJCE 397 Article
Low Cost Sliding Isolators for Developing Countries R.P. Nanda- R. Karim AJCE 417 Article
New Element Formulation for Free Vibration Analysis of Timoshenko Beam on Pasternak Elastic Foundation M. Karkon- H. Karkon AJCE 427 Article
Improving Energy Consumption in Building Products Using Life Cycle Assessment and Energy Analysis R. Norouzalizadeh Ghoochani- M. Habibi Rad AJCE 443 Article
Influence of the Nature and Particle Size Distribution of Rolled and Crushed Coarse Aggregates on the Physico-Mechanical Properties of Concrete S. Zitouni- A. Naceri- M. Maza AJCE 459 Article
Acoustic Emission Test in Visualizing Crack Progression for Concrete Beams J. Ongpeng AJCE 479 Article
Experimental Evaluation of Strength Properties of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete N. Srinivasa Rao- P. Rama Mohan Rao- P. Jagadeesh AJCE 487 Article
Optimal Structural Weight for Flexible-Base Buildings Under Strong Ground Motion Excitations B. Ganjavi AJCE 495 Article
Durability and Dimensional Stability of Steel Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Mortar in Comparison to High Performance Concrete
M. Moradian- M. Shekarchi AJCE 515 Article
Effect of Fine Aggregate Blending on Short-term
Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Concrete
C. Sreenivasulu- J. Guru Jawahar- M. Vijaya S. Reddy- D. Pavan Kumar AJCE 537 Article
Seismic Fragility Analysis of Regular and Setback RCC Frames – A Few Hypothetical Case Studies S. Siva Bhanu Sai Kumar- G.V. Rama Rao- P. Markandeya Raju AJCE 551 Article
Seismic Response of Aged Concrete Dam Considering Interaction of Dam and Reservoir in Coupled Way K.K. Mandal- D. Maity AJCE 571 Article
Experimental Modeling of Measure the Carbonation Depth of the Concrete by the Height of Capillary Imbibition M. Rabehi- B. Mezghiche AJCE 593 Article
Optimal Performance-Based Design of Steel Frames Using Advanced Metaheuristics S. Gholizadeh- A. Milany AJCE 607 Article
Axial and Eccentric Compression of GFRP Jacketed Steel Tubes P. Bhuvaneshwari- J. Vishruth AJCE 625 Article
Response Reduction of Structural System with Tuned Mass Damper for Site-specific Earthquake Including the Effect of Depth of Soil Stratum P. Kamatchi- K. Balaji Rao- G. Abhishek AJCE 635 Article
Seismic Behavior of Steel Structures Equipped with Cylindrical Frictional Dampers H. Mirzaeefard- M. Mirtaheri AJCE 651 Article
Physico-Mechanical Properties of Mortar Made with Binary Natural Fine Aggregates (Dune Sand and Crushed Sand) with and without Chemical Admixture M. Maza- A. Naceri- S. Zitouni AJCE 663 Article
Application of Grey Wolf Optimizer in Design of Castellated Beams
A. Kaveh- F. Shokohi AJCE 683 Article
Effects of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced High-Strength Concrete in Exterior Beam-Column Joint Specimens A. Annadurai- A. Ravichandran AJCE 701 Article
2-D Discrete Wavelet–Based Crack Detection Using Static and Dynamic Responses in Plate Structures A.R. Hajizadeh- E. Salajegheh, J. Salajegheh AJCE 713 Article
An Experimental Study on Effect of Natural Admixture on Mechanical Properties of Class C Fly Ash Blended Concrete T.S. Ramesh Babu- J. Guru Jawahar- P. Venkat Kiran- S. Chiranjeevi- M. Surya Prakesh- Y. Purushotham Reddy AJCE 737 Article
Comparison Between Seismic Behavior of Continuous Multiple Span Skewed Bridges with Concrete and Steel Columns S.M. Rasouli- M. Mahmoudi AJCE 753 Article
The Evaluation of the Spectral Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor by the X-FEM Method Coupled with the Spectral Modal Analysis K. C. Nehar- B. K. Hachi- M. Badaoui, M. Guesmi- A. Benmessaoud AJCE 771 Article
ANFIS Based Modelling of CFRP Confined Concrete Columns under Axial Compression N. Vallalperumal- B. Vidivelli AJCE 803 Article
Optimization and Mechanical Characterization of Self- Compacting Concrete Incorporating Rubber Aggregates S. Zaoiai- A. Makani- A. Tafraoui, F. Benmerioul AJCE 817 Article
Cost and CO2 Emission Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Frames Using Enhanced Colliding Bodies Algorithm A. Kaveh- Sh. Ardalani AJCE 831 Article
Strength Properties of Concrete Containing Coal Washery Rejects as Coarse Aggregate R. Rajesh Kumar- P. Jagadeesh- P. Rama Mohan Rao AJCE 859 Technical Notes
A Simple Method for Determining the Response of Linear Dynamic Systems R. Kamgar- R. Rahgozar AJCE 785 Article
Influence of the Rectangular Opening Properties on Seismic Behavior of Composite Steel Plate Shear Walls H. Veladi- M. Shirshahi AJCE 869 Article
Experimental Investigation of Damaged Exterior RC Beam–Column Joints Retrofittrd by FRP Jacketing E. Zamani Beydokhti- H. Shariatmadar AJCE 899 Article
A Hybrid ECBO and UBS Algorithm for Optimal Design of Skeletal Structures A. Kaveh- M. Ilchi Ghazaan AJCE 917 Article
Inelastic Post-Buckling Analysis of Space Trusses Using Fixed Inceremental Displacement Method S. Rostami- S. Shojaee- E. Izadpanah AJCE 937 Article
Using the Recycled Crumb Tires in Roller-Compact Concrete Pavement (RCCP) R. Aghayari- A. Zaji- M. Ashrafy AJCE 969 Article
Reduction of Pounding Between Buildings Using Fuzzy Controller
Chandrakant N. Thombare, Keshav K. Sangle
M. Abdeddaim- A. Ounis- N. Djedoui- M.K. Shrimali AJCE 985 Article
Nonlinear Stability Analysis of 2-D Cold-Formed Steel Storage Rack Structures Vinod M. Mohitkar- S.B. Kharmale AJCE 1007 Article
Study on Behavior of Corrugated Webs in Cold Formed Steel Sections with Varying Thickness T. Manju- E. Arundhavapriya- K.B. Bharath Srinivas AJCE 1025 Article
Rice Husk as a Concrete Constituent: Workability, Water Absorption and Strength of the Concrete I.I. Akinwumi- P.O. Awoyera- O.M. Olofinnade- A.A. Busari- M. Okotie ajce 887 Article
Experimental Study on the Behaviour of Intermediate Length Web Stiffened Cold-Formed Steel Columns with Perforated Spacers M. Anbarasu AJCE 959 Article
Finite Element Analysis of Steel Beams with Web Apertures Under Fire Condition A. Kada, B. Lamri- L. Mesquita M.R- A. Bouchair3 AJCE 1035 Article
Wind Pressure and Velocity Around Stepped Unsymmetrical Plan Shape Tall Building Using CFD Simulation– A Case Study K. Roy- A. Kumar Bairagi AJCE 1055 Article
Strengthening of RC Beams Retrofitted with External Truss – An Experimental Study R. Hemaanitha- S. Kothandaraman AJCE 1087 Article
Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Frame with Plan Irregularity Vaishnavi V. Battul- K. Muthumani AJCE 1099 Article
Assessment of Higher Modes Effects in the Steel Moment Resisting Frames under the Far and Near Fault Earthquakes Using the DAP Method M. Gerami- A.H. Mashayekhi- N. Siahpolo AJCE 1111 Article
Fuzzy Threshold Based Wavelet Processing of Random Time Series and Highly Noisy Accelerograms M. Beena Mol- S. Prabavathy- J. Mohanalin AJCE 1131 Article
Behaviour of Interior Beam-Column Joint with FRP Wrapping P. Gajalakshmi- K. Sriram- U. Elakeya AJCE 1151 Article
Study of Flexural Behaviour of Steel Beam-Column Connection with Gusset Plate G.R. Aravind- C. Arunkumar AJCE 1167 Article
Spectral Finite Element Simulation of Seismic Wave Propagation and Fault Dislocation in Elastic Media P. Zakian- N. Khaji AJCE 1189 Article
Seismic Analysis of Multistorey Building with Floating Columns Ajmal Wahidi- D. Rama Seshu AJCE 1077 Article
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