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..Volume 16, Number 1-February 2015 (9)
..Volume 16, Number 2-April 2015 (9)
..Volume 16, Number 3-June 2015 (10)
..Volume 16, Number 4-August 2015 (8)
..Volume 16, Number 5-October 2015 (8)
..Volume 16, Number 6-December A 2015 (12)
..Volume 16, Number 7-December B 2015 (9)
..Volume 16, Number 8-December C 2015 (10)
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Influence of the Retrofitting Technique on the Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Structures D. Yahiaoui - A. Kadid Zendaoui Abdel hakim 1047 Article
Cyclic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams Retrofitted with Externally Bonded Sifcon Laminates
R. Balamuralikrishnan 1063 Article
Relationship between Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Compressive Strength of Self Compacting Concrete Incorporate Rice Husk Ash and Metakaolin V. Kannan 1077 Article
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structure in Tabriz North Fault Vicinity A. Irani - A. Jalali 1089 Article
A Study on Properties of Crumb Rubber Concrete by Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing K Jagannadha Rao - Mohd Abdul Mujeeb 1103 Article
Structural Behavior of Cold Formed C Sections with Bolted Lapped Connections T. Manju - K.B. Bharath Srinivas - E. Arundhava Priya 1113 Article
Numerical Study of Optimization of Interference Effect on Pentagonal Plan Shaped Tall Building J. Debasish - B. Tathagata - D. Sujit Kumar 1123 Article
Seismic Evaluation and FRP Strengthening of Unreinforced Flanged Masonry Walls A. Mortezaei - M. Kalantari 1155 Article
Risk Assessment Based on Attenuation Relation N.K. Paul - N.M. Chanu - R.P. Nanda 1175 Technical Notes
Durability Performance of Various Grade of Geopolymer Concrete to Resistance of Acid and Salt N.S. Kumaravel - P. Girija - B. Anandha Kumar 1185 Technical Notes
Study on Cold-Formed Steel Built-Up Square Sections with Intermediate Flange and Web Stiffeners G. Aruna - S. Sukumar - V. Karthika 919 Article
A Study on Properties of Crumb Rubber Concrete by Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing K.J. Rao - M.A. Mujeeb 933 Article
Expansion Process in Mathematics and Structural Mechanics A. Kaveh 943 Article
The Effects of Steel and PET Fibers on the Properties of Fresh and Hardened Self-Compacting Concrete R. Madandoust- M.M. Ranjbar - A.A. Moshiri 955 Article
Experimental Study on Behaviour of Bolted Cold-formed Steel Angles Under Tension
R. Padma Priya 967 Article
On the Application of Weak Form Integral Equations to Free Vibration Analysis of Tall Structures H. Saffari - M. Mohammadnejad 977 Article
Influence of Superplasticiser on Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete M.C. Rao - K. Arun 1001 Article
Light Expanded Clay Aggregate and Fly Ash Aggregate as Self Curing Agents in Self Compacting Concrete R. Gopi- V. Revathi- D. Kanagaraj 1025 Article
Influence of Site and Soil Characteristics on Uniform Hazard Spectra of Andimeshk Site H. Abdollahiparsa- P. Homami- V. Dehnamaki 1037 Technical Notes
Effect of Material Deterioration on the Seismic Collapse Capacity of P-Delta Vulnerable SDOF Systems D. Kampenhuber- C. Adam 733 Article
CBO and DPSO for Optimum Design of Reinforced Concrete Cantilever Retaining Walls A. Kaveh- N. Soleimani 751 Article
Applying Simplex Lattice in Optimizing Self-Compaction Concrete Compressive Strength H. Eskandari- A. Pakzad 775 Article
Investigation the Seismic Performance Level of Cold- Formed Steel Frames Braced with Sheathing Panels M. Gerami- M. Lotfi 789 Article
Three-Dimensional Strain Analysis of Flexible Pavement Structures Using Infinite Elements
Kh. Sandjak- B. Tiliouine 803 Article
Rehabilitation of Tall Buildings by Active Control System Subjected to Critical Siesmic Excitation R. Kamgar- S. Shojaee- R. Rahgozar 819 Article
Strength and Corrosion Behavior of Mortar Mixed and/or Cured with Seawater with Various Fly Ash Replacement Ratios E.D. Lim- C.L. Roxas- R. Gallardo- T. Nishida- N. Otsuki 835 Article
Lightweight Building Blocks Incorporating Bottom Ash Aggregate Under Different Curing Conditions A. Beglarigale- H. Yazıcı 850 Article
Effect on Wind Pressures by Variation of Roof Pitch of Low-Rise Hip-Roof Building H. Irtaza - M.A. Javed- A. Jameel 869 Article
Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment of Roads at Sylhet City in Bangladesh Sh. Ahmed- M. Tul Urmi- M. Rafiqul Islam - Md. Jahir Bin Alam- Gulam Md. Munna 891 Technical Notes
Contact Analysis of Base Isolated Masonry Building P. Saini- A.D. Pandey- S. Anvesh- M.J. Mahesh Soumya - R. Das 899 Technical Notes
Seismic Damage Evaluation of Existing Buildings Based on Shear Wave Velocity: A Case Study S. Rout - R.P. Nanda- K.C. Panda 909 Technical Notes
A Fast Marginal Feasibility Search Method in Size Optimization of Truss Structures B. Dizangian- M.R. Ghasemi 567 Article
Semi-Active Tuned Mass Damper Performance with Optimized Fuzzy Controller Using CSS Algorithm A. Kaveh- S. Pirgholizadeh- O. Khadem Hosseini 587 Article
Compression Capacity of RC Columns Strengthened with Longitudinal CFRP Composite N. Moshiri- D. Mostofinejad 607 Article
A Swarm Based Memetic Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization of Large Structures K. Laknejadi- A. Kaveh 621 Article
Experimental and Analytical Investigations on Geopolymer Concrete Columns Under Repeated Axial Compression N. Ganesan- Ruby Abraham- S. Deepa Raj 651 Article
Optimum Design of Steel Structures for Earthquake Loading by Grey Wolf Algorithm
S. Gholizadeh- F. Fattahi 663 Article
An Efficient Thermo–Mechanical Contact Algorithm for Modeling Contact–Impact Problems A.R. Khoei- H. Saffar- M. Eghbalian 681 Article
A New Modification in Decoupled Scaled Boundary Method with Diagonal Coefficient Matrices for Analysis Of 2D Elastostatic and Transient Elastodynamic Problems M.I. Khodakarami- M. Fakharian 709 Article
New Mathematical Modeling of Steel Panel Zone with Thin to Thick Column Flanges I. Mansouri- H. Saffari 451 Article
A Comparative Study of Slope Stability Analysis Using Traditional Limit Equilibrium Method and Finite Element Method A. Burman- S. P. Acharya- R. R. Sahay- D. Maity 467 Article
Application of Singular Value Decomposition in Symmetric Structures by Force Method A.Kaveh- M.S. Mallaki- H.Rahami 493 Article
Compressive Strength and Flexural Strength of Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete Designed by Taguchi Method K. Behfarnia- M. Shojaei- R. Mohebi 505 Article
Hybrid Charged System Search - Particle Swarm Optimization for Design of Single-Layer Barrel Vault Structures S. Talatahari- Y. Jahani 515 Article
Bandwidth Optimization Using CBO and ECBO A. Kaveh- Sh. Bijari 535 Article
A Statistical Model for Assessing Building Vulnerability to Tsunami in Coastal Region Ilango Sivakumar- R. Sivagamasundari 547 Technical Notes
Deflections in Non-Prismatic Simply Supported Prestressed Concrete Beams M. Raju Ponnada- R. Sandeep Thonangi 557 Technical Notes
Stability of Semi-Rigid Portal Frames with Tapered Columns and Lateral SupportInfluence of Silica Fume on Chloride Diffusion and Corrosion Resistance of Concrete - A Review A. A. Ramezanianpour- H. R. Rezaei- H. R. Savoj 301 Article
Investigation Into Behavior of CFT Circular Columns under Long-Term Axial and Cyclic Loadings
K. Abedi- A. Nabati- H. Afshin- A. Ferdousi 322 Article
Simulation of Sequential Construction of Embankment by Finite Element Method A. Burman- S. Kumar- N. Himanshu- D. Maity 347 Article
Investigation on Using Copper Slag as Part of Cementitious Materials in Self Compacting Concrete M. Fadaee- R. Mirhosseini- R. Tabatabaei- M. J. Fadaee 368 Article
Seismic Pounding of Adjacent Linear Elastic Buildings with Various Contact Mechanisms for Impact Simulation Nilesh U. Mate- S. V. Bakre- O. R. Jaiswal 383 Article
Seismic Behavior of Benchmark Building with Semi-Active Variable Friction Dampers B.R. Raut- R.S. Jangid 417 Article
Optimization of Latticed Columns Using Democratic PSO and CBO Algorithms A. Kaveh- Sh. Hasana 437 Article
Nurbs-Based Analysis of Curved Elements for Thin-Walled Structures H. R. Atri- S. Shojaee 451 Article
Shake Table Tests of Using Single-Particle Impact Damper to Reduce Seismic Response S. M. Zahrai- Amir F. Rod 471 Article
Evaluation of the Radius of Curvature Beam Equation Using Variational Iteration Method Gh. Hashemi- M. Ahmadi- S. Aghajari 489 Article
Stability of Semi-Rigid Portal Frames with Tapered Columns and Lateral Support M. Rezaiee-Pajand- F. Shahabian- M. Bambaeechee 135 Article
In-Plane Rigidity of Laterally Loaded Composite Floor Systems, A Finite Element Approach S. M. Zahrai- L. Sarkissian 161 Article
Inelastic Dynamic Analysis of Structures under Blast Loads Using Generalized B-Spline Method
M. Amini- S. Shojaee- S. Rostami 183 Article
Decision Selection Technic for Building Strengthening Methods A. Okakpu- G. Ozay 203 Article
New Alternatives for Continuity Plates in I-Beam to Box Columns Connections H. Saffari- A. A. Hedayat- N. Soltani Goharrizi 219 Article
Stochastic Models for Artificial Cement Control Parameters L. Nouri- S. Yousfi- M. Saidani- H. Hadjab- M. Nouri 235 Article
Dynamic Fuzzy-Membership Optimization: an Enhanced Meta-Heuristic Search M. Shahrouzi- A. Kaveh 249 Article
Site-Specific Analyses of Framed Buildings Located at Deeper Alluvial Basin Through 1D and 2D Ground Response Analyses Shrithi S. Badami- P. Kamatchi- Nagesh R Iyer 269 Article
Finite Element Analysis of Slab - Column Joint under Lateral Loading M. Priya- S. Greeshma- K. N. Suganya 291 Article
Properties of Self Compacting Concrete Incorporating Alginate and Nano Silica A. Heidari- F. Ghaffari- H. Ahmadvand 1 Article
Seismic Fragility Assessment of Steel X-Braced and Chevron-Braced RC Frames R. Akbari- M.H. Aboutalebi- M.R. Maheri 13 Article
Truss Optimization with Natural Frequency Constraints Using A Dolphin Echolocation Algorithm A. Kaveh- L. Jafari- N. Farhoudi 29 Article
Reliability Evaluation of RC Frame by Two Major Fragility Analysis Methods D.C. Haran Pragalath- R. Davis- P. Sarkar 47 Article
Flexural and Cyclic Behaviour of RC Beams Retrofitted with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Fabrics R. Balamuralikrishnan 67 Article
The Scaled Boundary Spectral Element Method for Dynamics of Unbounded Mediums with Non- Homogeneity in Radial Direction M. Hajialilue-Bonab- B. Balazadeh- H. R. Tohidvand 81 Article
Experimental Study on Bonding Enhancement Methods between CFRP Strips and Steel Plates by Double-Lap Shear Test B. Shervani-Tabar- A. Davaran 97 Article
ffect of the Viscosity Modifying Agent and the Different Mineral Additions on Rheology and Compressive Strength of Self- Compacting Concrete B. Nécira- A. Guettala- S. Guettala 111 Article
Fracture Properties of Geopolymer Concrete N. Ganesan- Ruby Abraham- S. Deepa Raj- Divya Sasi 127 Article
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