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..Volume 9, Number 1-February 2008 (8)
..Volume 9, Number 2-April 2008 (8)
..Volume 9, Number 3-June 2008 (7)
..Volume 9, Number 4-August 2008 (7)
..Volume 9, Number 5-October 2008 (8)
..Volume 9, Number 6-December 2008 (7)
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Damage Coupled to Yield Function for the Elastoplastic Analysis of Framed Structures E. Chica- J.M.G. Teran- A.L. Iban- P. López 549 Article
A Discrete Particle Swarm Ant Colony Optimization for Design of Steel Frames A. Kaveh- S. Talatahari 563 Article
Nonlinear Seismic Behavior of RC Frames with RC Braces A.R. Khaloo- M. Mahdi Mohseni 577 Article
Frequency Analysis of Trapezoidal Plates and Membrane Using Discrete Singular Convolution Ö. Civalek- M. Gürses 593 Article
Optimal Locations for Heavy Lifts for Offshore Platforms S. Rajasekaran- D. Annet- Y. Sang Choo 607 Article
Self-Organizing Back Propagation Networks for Predicting the Moment-Rotation Behavior of Bolted Connections E. Salajegheh- S. Gholizadeh- A. Pirmoz 629 Article
Mechanical Characteristics of Fiber Reinforced Self Compacting Mortars -FRSCM P. Rathish Kumar- K. Srikanth 647 Technical Notes
Robust optimization for TMD with uncertain bounded system parameters and stochastic excitation G. Carlo Marano- R. Greco 433 Article
Mechanical Properties and Stress-Strain Behaviour of Self Compacting Concrete with and Without Glass Fibres T. Suresh Babu- M.V.Seshagiri Raoa- D.Rama Seshu 457 Article
Studies on Acid Resistance of Ternary Blended Concrete P. Murthi- V. Sivakumar 473 Article
Sensitivity of the Optimum Design of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab Buildings to the Unit Cost Components and Characteristic Material Strengths M.G. Sahab 487 Article
The Influence of Randomly Oriented Hair Fibre and Lime on the CBR Value of Dadri Fly ash J.N. Akhtar- J. Alam- Sh. Ahmad 505 Article
Wavelet Analysis for Processing of Earthquake Records A. Heidari- E. Salajegheh 513 Article
Configuration of a Multistorey Building Subjected to Lateral Forces
M. Ashraf- Z.A. Siddiqi- M.A. Javed 525 Article
A Study of Elastic Buckling of Masonry Columns P.K. Bhandari- G.S. Benipal- M. Ahmed 539 Technical Notes
A Hybrid Particle Swarm and Ant Colony Optimization for Design of Truss Structures A. Kaveh- S. Talatahari 329 Article
Water Tank as Passive TMD for Seismically Excited Structures G. Hemalatha- K.P. Jaya 349 Article
Elaboration and Characterization of Cementitious Composites with Diss Fibres as Masonry Units M. Merzoud- M.F. Habita 367 Article
A Boundary Element Analysis of Soil-Pile Interaction under Lateral Cyclic Loading in Soft Cohesive Soil S. Basack 379 Article
Utilizing Experimental Model Tests and Artificial Neural-Nets to Estimate the Strength Loss of Heated Reinforced Concrete Columns A.M. Rashad- N.O. Farag- O. Hodhod- M.M. Razik 391 Article
Torsional Capacity of High Strength Concretebeams Jacketted with Ferrocement U-Wraps G. Charan Behera- T.D. Gunneswara Rao- C.B.K. Rao 411 Article
Effect of the Setting Agent (Lime) on the Physico-Chemical Properties of Slag Cement and Mechanical Behavior of Mortar A. Naceri- M.S. Bouglada 423 Article
Effect of Beam Spacing in The Harmony Search Based Optimum Design of Grillages F. Erdal- M.P. Saka 215 Article
Plastic Analysis of Frames Using Genetic and Ant Colony Algorithms A. Kaveh- M. Jahanshahi- M. Khanzadi 229 Article
Performance of Maxwell Damper Based Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers C. Li 251 Article
Near-Source Attenuation Relationship for the Geometric Mean Horizontal Component of Peak Ground Acceleration and Acceleration Response Spectra H. Aghabarati- M. Tehranizadeh 261 Article
Effect of Re-Vibration on Compressive Strength of Concrete M.V. Krishna Rao- P. Rathish Kumar- N.V.R.C Bala Bhaskar 291 Article
Effect of Silica Fume and Natural Pozzolanas on Sulfuric Acid Resistance of Dense Concretes H. Rahmani- A.A. Ramzanianpour 303 Article
Wind Structures of Monsoon Winds and Typhoons Near the Ground L. Wang- Q. Wang 321 Article
Effect of Fire on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Blended Cement Pastes Containing Metakaolin and Silica Fume M.M. Morsy- S. S. Shebl- A.M. Rashad 93 Article
Optimum Seismic Design of Steel Moment Resisting Frames by Genetic Algorithms A. Kaveh- B. Dadfar 107 Article
Seven-Story Building Subjected to Seismic Loading: Experimentation and Modeling N. Xuan Huy 131 Article
A Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Structural Materials Using Modal Analysis D. Ravi Prasad- D.R. Seshu 141 Article
Ductility of Thin Steel Plate Shear Walls S. Sabouri-Ghomi- M. Gholhaki 153 Article
Rheology of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete A.I. Laskar- S. Talukdar 167 Article
A Knowledge-Based Expert System for Selection of Appropriate Structural Systems for Large Spans M. Golabchi 179 Article
Optimal Design of Fibrous Concrete Beams Through Simulated Annealing D. Suji- S.C. Natesan- R. Murugesan- R. Sanjai Prabhu 193 Article
Shake Table Test Results for a Half-Scale Reinforced Concrete Indonesian House With and Without Economical Base Isolation John W. Van de Lindt- Rebecca A. Atadero 1 Article
A New Mix Design Method for High Performance Concrete A. Islam Laskar- S. Talukdar 15 Article
Effect of Concrete Cracking on the Lateral Response of RCC Buildings M. Ahmed- M.K. Dad Khan- M. Wamiq 25 Article
A Simple Ant Algorithm for Profile Optimization of Sparse Matrices A. Kaveh- P. Sharafi 35 Article
A Study on Development of Stresses in Anchorage Zone Using Parallel Processing P.K. Gupta- R.N. Khapre 47 Article
Strength Development of Cement Mortar and Concrete Incorporating GGBFS M. Shariq- J. Prasad- A.K. Ahuja 61 Article
Pushover Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures A. Kadid- A. Boumrkik 75 Technical Notes
Mechanical Response of Mortar Made With Natural and Artificial Fine Aggregates L. Baâli- A. Naceri- R. Mehamed Said 85 Technical Notes
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