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..Volume 7, Number 1-February 2006 (8)
..Volume 7, Number 2-April 2006 (9)
..Volume 7, Number 3-June 2006 (11)
..Volume 7, Number 4-August 2006 (9)
..Volume 7, Number 5-October 2006 (8)
..Volume 7, Number 6-December 2006 (10)
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Seismic Shear Capacity of Brick Masonry Wall Reinforced by GFRP Q. Wang- Z. Chai- Y. Huang- Y. Yang- Y. Zhang 563 Article
Curing Methods of Precast Concrete Elements B. Mezghiche- L. Zeghichi- R. Chebili- M. Mellas 581 Article
An Appraisal of the Shear Resistance of Ferrocement Elements T. Chandrasekhar Rao T.D. Gunneswara Rao- N.V. Ramana Rao 591 Article
Genetically Optimized Artificial Neural Network Based Optimum Design of Singly and Doubly Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Adaptive and Resilient Back-Propagation Learning Techniques B. Saini- V.K. Sehgala- M.L. Gambhirb 603 Article
Technique for Strengthening of Masonry Wall Panels Using Steel Strips S.H. Farooq- M. Ilyasb- A. Ghaffarb 621 Article
A Method for Free Vibration Analysis of Tiffened Multi-Bay Coupled Shear Walls K.B. Bozdogan 639 Article
Simulated Annealing and Adaptive Dynamic Variable Band Mutation for Structural Optimization by Genetic Algorithms A. Kaveh M. Shahrouzi 651 Article
Evaluation of Iranian Thermal Building Code B. Mohammad Kari- R. Fayaz 671 Technical Notes
Iran Strong Motion Catalog -January to July 2006
H. Mirzaei Alavijeh- F. Sinaiean- E. Farzanegan 685 Technical Notes
Response Prediction of Structural System Subject to Earthquake Motions Using Artificial Neural Network S. Chakraverty- T. Marwala P. Gupta1 701 Technical Notes
Case Study of Subsurface Conditions of Flood Plain in Western Kenya C.K. Onyancha- R.O. Onchiri 453 Article
Design of a Continuous Deep Beam Using the Strut and Tie Method B. Singh- S.K. Kaushik- K.F. Naveen- S. Sharma 461 Article
Experimental Investigation of Honeycomb Constructional Elements M. Saidani- M.W.L. Roberts 479 Article
A Dynamic Finite Element for Vibration Analysis of Cables and Wire Ropes S.M. Hashemi- A. Roach 487 Article
Buildings with Local Isolation System: Performance and Simplified Method of Dynamic Analysis H. Pourmohammad- M. Ghafory Ashtiany- M. Ziyaeifar 501 Article
Wind Load Estimation on Tall Building Part II: Comparison of Russian and Nigerian Codes of Practice S.M. Auta 517 Article
Integration Solution Routine to Evaluate the Element Stiffness Matrix for Distorted Shapes D.J. Hamadi- M.T. Belarbib 525 Article
Iran Strong Motion Catalog -July to December 2005 H. Mirzaei Alavijeh- F. Sinaiean- E. Farzanegan 551 Technical Notes
Recent Advances in Multiphase Flows Through Porous and Fractured Media Goodarz Ahmadi 321 Article
Recent Advances and Novel Concepts for Motion Control of Bridges and Highrise Buildings under Extreme Winds and Earthquakes Hojjat Adeli- Hongjin Kim 335 Article
Vulnerability Analysis of the Historical Buildings in Seismic Area by a Multilevel approach L. Binda- G. Cardani- A. Saisi- M.R. Valluzzi 343 Article
The Importance of Historical Documents for the Study of Stability in Ancient Buildings: The French Panthéon Case Study C. Blasi- E. Coïsson 359 Article
Recent Seismic Disaster Reduction Efforts in Japan Hiromichi Higashihara 369 Article
Development of Integrated Earthquake Simulation for Estimation of Strong Ground Motion, Structural Responses and Human Actions in Urban Areas M. Hori- T. Ichimura- K. Oguni 381 Article
Advances in Computational Mechanics Via Graph Theory A. Kaveh 393 Article
A General Method for the Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Structures V. Galishnikova- P.J. Pahl 411 Article
On Three-Stage Mitigation of Liquefaction-Induced Hazards Ikuo Towhata 429 Article
Flexural Stiffness Determination Using Mode Shape Derivative H. Abdul Razak- Z. Ismail 213 Article
Study of Utilization of Fly-Ash Generated From Barapukeria Power Plant as Admixture in Manufacturing of Cement J. Bin Alam- A.S.M.A.Awal- M.J.B. Alam- M.S. Rahman- B.K. BanikS. Islam 225 Article
Wind Load Estimation on Tall Building Part I: Comparison of Russian and Nigerian Codes of Practice S.M. Auta 233 Article
The Effect of Fineness of Cements at Mineral Additions on the Mechanical Response of Concrete M. Benia 239 Article
Evaluation of Parameters Effective in FRP Shear Strengthening of RC Beams Using FE Method I. Elyasian- N. Abdoli- H.R. Ronagh 249 Article
Factors Influencing The Sulphate Resistance of Cement Concrete and Mortar J. Prasad- D.K. Jain- A.K. Ahuja 259 Article
Numerical Simulation of Confined Concrete Columns and a Parametric Study R. Bhowmick- U. Sharma- P. Bhargava 269 Article
Assessment of Longitudinal Shear Strength Parameters of Composite Slab by Artificial Neural Network G. Mohan Ganesh- A. Upadhyay- S.K. Kaushik 287 Article
Response Prediction of Structural System Subject to Earthquake Motions Using Artificial Neural Network S. Chakraverty- T. Marwala- P. Gupta 301 Article
Response Prediction of Structural System Subject to Earthquake Motions Using Artificial Neural Network S. Chakraverty- T. Marwala- P. Gupta 301 Article
Iran Strong Ground Motion Catalog -January to June 2005 H. Mirzaei Alavijeh- F. Sinaiean- E.Farzanegan 309 Technical Notes
GIS Based Projects Information System for Construction Management V.K. Bansal- M. Pal 115 Article
A Unified Method for Eigendecomposition of Graph Products A. Kaveh- H. Rahami 125 Article
Geotechnical Site Investigation of Sigiri, Lower Nzoia Floodplain, Western Kenya Caroline K. Onyancha- Richard O. Onchiri 139 Article
Unpleasant Pedestrian Wind Conditions Around Buildings R. Ahuja- S.K. Daluib- V.K. Gupta 147 Article
Time History Analysis of Structures for Earthquake Loading by Wavelet Networks A. HeidariE. Salajeghehb 155 Article
Stability Analysis of a Slope in Soil Reinforced by Continous Wires T. Karech- A. Charif- N. Lahbari 169 Article
of High Strength Concrete S.M. Gupta- P. Aggarwala- Y. Aggarwalb 183 Article
of Material Properties on Behavior of Over-Reinforced Concrete Beams M. Al Amin Siddique- Md. Abdur Rouf 195 Technical Notes
Iran Strong Ground Motion Catalog -July to December 2004 F. Sinaiean- H. Mirzaei Alavijeh- E. Farzanegan 205 Technical Notes
Probability of Fatigue Failure of Steel Fibrous Concrete Containing Mixed Fibres S.P. Singh- Y. Mohammadi- S.K. Kaushik 1 Article
Combined Deterioration Problems in a Coastal Bridge in NSW, Australia A. Moslehi Tabarb 13 Article
The Effect of Replacement of Naturals Aggregates by Slag Products on The Strength of Concrete L. Zeghichi 27 Article
An Efficient Program for Cycle Basis Selection and Bandwidth Optimization A. Kaveh- M. Jahanshahi 37 Article
Experimental Study of the Behaviour of Interfacial Shearing Between Cohesive Soils and Solid Materials at Large Displacement F. Hammoud- A. Boumekik 63 Article
Experimental Investigation of Behavior of Y-Shaped Concentric Steel Bracing S. Majid Zamani- M. Rasouli 81 Article
Dynamic Analysis of Tall Building Under Pulsation Wind Excitation A.M. Maslennikov 95 Article
Iran Strong Ground Motion Catalog -January to June 2004 H. Mirzaei Alavijeh- E. Farzanegan 105 Technical Notes
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