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..Volume 6, Number 5-November 2005 (6)
..Volume 6, Number 6-December 2005 (8)
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Seismic Evaluation and Economical Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Buildings T. Kabeyasawa AJCE 457 Article
Combined Deterioration Problems in a Coastal Bridge in NSW, Australia A. Shayan- H. Morris Article
Eigensolution of Special Compound Matrices and Applications A. Kaveh- M.A. Sayarinejad AJCE 495 Article
Experimental Investigation of Low to High-Strength Steel Fiber Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Under Pure Torsion A.R. Khaloo- M. Sharifian AJCE 533 Article
Probabilistic Risk Analysis Including Soil-Structure Interaction of Harp Type Cable Stayed Bridges Rehan A. Khan- T.K. Datta AJCE 549 Article
Ferrocement Box Sections-Viable Option for Floors and Roof of Multi-Storeyed Buildings A. Kumar AJCE 569 Article
Research Note
Site Selection and Physical Proportions in Tall Buildings
N. Rafizadeh AJCE 583 Article
A Study of Power Transmission Poles M. Ashraf- H.M. Ahmad- Z.A. Siddiqi AJCE 511 Article
Unexpected Expansion of Concrete Made with Laumontite Containing Aggregates Under Seawater Condition H. Hamada- T. Yamaji- T.U. Mohammed- K.Torii AJCE 361 Article
Recent Advances in Seismic Retrofit of RC Frames Mahmoud R. Maheri AJCE 373 Article
New Approach to Service Life Design of Concrete Structure P. Schiessl AJCE 393 Article
Experimental and Analytical Study on RC Deep Beams M.R. Salamy- H. Kobayashi- Sh. Unjoh AJCE 409 Article
Service Life Design of Concrete Structures is a Challenge to the Designer as Well as to the Owner S.Rostam AJCE 423 Article
The Eurocode 8-Part 3: The New European Code for the Seismic Assessment of Existing Structures Paolo Emilio Pinto AJCE 447 Article
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