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..Volume 5, Numbers 1, 2-January & April 2004 (7)
..Volume 5, Numbers 3, 4 -July & October 2004 (6)
Article Type Authors PDF File Type
Collapse of Wooden Houses Considering Instantaneous Instrumental Seismic Intensity
Yasuko Kuwata Shiro Takada AJCE 1 Article
Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Continuous Deep Beams Using Stringer-panel Model Quanfeng Wang- P.C.J. Hoogenboom AJCE 25 Article
Large Displacement Effects on Seismically Excited Elastic-plastic Frame Structures
C. Adam- H. Krawinkler AJCE 41 Article
Cost-effectiveness of Vibration Criteria for Wooden floors J. O. Afolayan AJCE 57 Article
A New Approach for Optimum Design of Structures Under Dynamic Exciation H. Moghaddam- I. Hajirasouliha AJCE 69 Article
Re-evaluation of Strength and Stiffness Relationships for High-strength Concrete H. Abdul Razak- H.S. Wong AJCE 85 Article
Ultimate Strength Analysis of Structural Concrete Deep Beams Using Strut-tie Models Young Mook Yun AJCE 100 Article
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Structural Optimization Problems Mohammad G. Sahab- Vassili V. Toropov- Ashraf F. Ashour AJCE 121 Article
Plastic Analysis of Planar Frames Using Kinematic Method and Genetic Algorithm A. Kaveh- M. Jahanshahi AJCE 145 Article
Cost Optimization in of Reinforced Concrete Elements Khaled Alreshaid- Ibrahim M- Mahdi Ehab Soliman AJCE 161 Article
Prediction of Mean and Design Fatigue Lives of Steel Fibrous Concrete Using S-N Relationships S.P. Singh- Sanjay Goel Roshan Lal- S.K. Kaushik AJCE 175 Article
Plastic Buckling of Cylindrical Shells with Cutouts E. Poursaeidi- G.H. Rahimi- A.H. Vafai AJCE 191 Article
Performance of Traditional Arches, Vaults and Domes in the 2003 Bam Earthquake T. Mahdi AJCE 209 Article
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