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..Volume 3, Number 1-January 2002 (5)
..Volume 3, Number 2-April 2002 (6)
..Volume 3, Numbers 3, 4-September 2002 (6)
Article Type Authors PDF File Type
Spline Finite Member Element Method for Lateral Buckling of Thin-Walled Members with Openings Quanfeng Wang AJCE 1 Article
Assessment of the Use of Silica Fume on Durability of Concrete in a Corrosive Environment T. Parhizkar- A. A. Ramezanianpour- P. J. Pahl AJCE 13 Article
Deformability and Stiffness Characteristics of Middle-Eastern Weak Rocks A. Y. Nassif AJCE 23 Article
From Geometric Modelling to Numerical Simulation Ernst Rank- Manfred Krafczyk AJCE 33 Article
A Genetic Algorithm for Structural
M. Rezaiee-Pajand- M. Mahdian AJCE 47 Article
Network-enabled Product Models for
Collaborative Structural and Building Physics Engineering
Uwe Rueppel AJCE 61 Article
Finite Element Buckling Analysis of Cracked Cylindrical Shells Under Torsion H. E. Estekanchi- A. Vafai- K. Kheradmandian AJCE 73 Article
Comparative Estimation of Domestic and
foreign Superplasticizers for Manufacture of High Strength Concrete
V. I. Kalashnikov- V. S. Demianova- D. I. Kalashnikov- O. V. Grintsova AJCE 85 Article
Spectral nodal ordering for meshless discretization A. Kaveh- H. A. Rahimi Bondarabady AJCE 93 Article
Light-Weight Self-stressed Systems of Tensegrity
Messaoud Saidani Emmanuel- Remise AJCE 109 Article
Finite Element Analysis of Cylinder-to-cylinder Shell Structures
T. Mahdi AJCE 119 Article
the Influence of Initial Imperfection on the Buckling of Bamboo Columns
Khosrow Ghavami Luis Eustaquio Moreira AJCE 1 Article
Planar Drawing of Space Structures Using Algebraic Graph Theory A.Kaveh- H.Rahami AJCE 17 Article
The Use of Frequency Dependent Trigonometric Shape Functions in Vibration Analysis of Beam Structures-Bridging the Gap Between FEM and Exact DSM Formulations S. M. Hashemi AJCE 33 Article
Compressive Behavior of Concrete Confined with High-Stiffness Perforated Steel Plates Ali R. Khaloo AJCE 57 Article
Dynamic Analysis of Structures Against Earthquake by Combined Wavelet Transform and Fast Fourier Transform A. Heidari AJCE 75 Article
Application of Composite Materials in Offshore Structures M. Naghipour AJCE 89 Technical Report
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