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..Volume 2, Number 1-January 2001 (7)
..Volume 2, Number 2-April 2001 (5)
..Volume 2, Number 3-4-July 2001 (3)
Article Type Authors PDF File Type
Experimental Investigation of Small-scale Shear Frame Models with Tuned Liquid Column Dampers Ch. Adam AJCE 1 Article
Prediction of Moment-rotation Characteristic for Saddle- Like Connections Using FEM and BP Neural Networks A. Kaveh- D. Fazel-dehkordi AJCE 11 Article
Prognostic Evaluation of Management Needs for Two Bridge Structures A. Shayan- B. Aimin Xu AJCE 31 Article
Reliable Analysis of Skewed Concrete Plates
E. Kasparek- P. Jan Pahl AJCE 43 Article
Analysis of Softening RC Elements Using Non-local Differential Fiber Element Model A. R. Khaloo AJCE 57 Article
Earthquake Resistant Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Sh. Otani AJCE 73 Article
Failure Analysis of Masonry Shear Walls Using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis

R. Naderi AJCE 85 Article
Structural Concrete Elements Reinforced with Bamboo Kh. Ghavami AJCE 97 Article
Steady and Unsteady Gradually Varied Flow Calculation for Gravity Pipes Using Microsoft Excel N. A. Zaghloul- Mohamed Abd El-Ghany AJCE 111 Article
Analysis of Softening RC Elements Using Non-local Differential Fiber Element Model A. R. Khaloo- S. Tariverdilo AJCE 143 Article
Splay Detailing of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Opening Corners B. Singh- S. Kumar Kaushik AJCE 159 Article
Expert-based Decision Support System for Tender Selection: Impact on Kuwait’s Construction Industry Kh. Al-Reshaid- I. Mahdi AJCE 173 Article
Pre-contract Planning Control: Part 3: Cause-and-Effect Relationships Among Planning and Environmental Characteristics of Construction Management J. Oluwoye- P. Lister- P. Olomolaiye AJCE 193 Article
Expedient Transformations in Structural Mechanics A. Kaveh AJCE 207 Article
Finite Element Models for Geotechnical Engineering Problems
Udo F. Meissnaer- Jochen Ruben- Inke Terlindent AJCE 235 Article
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