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..Volume 1, Number 1-January 2000 (7)
..Volume 1, Number 2-April 2000 (8)
..Volume 1, Number 3-July 2000 (8)
..Volume 1, Number 4-October 2000 (10)
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A Study on the Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Splitting Tension Test M.C. Nataraja- N. Dhang- A.P. Gupta AJCE 1 Article
Behavior of Confined High-Strength Lightweight Concrete Columns A.R. Khaloo- S.H. Ahmad- K.M. El-Dash AJCE 13 Article
Preservation and Observation of Microstructure of Concrete Under Load Kamran M. Nemati AJCE 37 Article
Complementary Laplacian Matrix for Finite Element Ordering A. Kaveh- H. A. Rahimi Bondarabady AJCE 49 Article
Neural Network Solution of Inverse Parameters Used in the Sensitivity- Calibration Analyses of the Storm Water Management Model Simulations Nabil A. Zaghloul- Mostafa A. Abu Kiefa AJCE 61 Article
Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Tubular Joints of Offshore Structures, Using Response Surface Method A.R. Mosayyebi- A.A. Aghakuchak AJCE 75 Article
Pre-Contract Planning Control: Part 1: The Significance of Organizational Charachteristics on Meeting Construction
Client Goals
J. Oluwoye-b K. Potts AJCE 89 Article
Prediction of Strength for Concrete Specimens Using Artificial Neural Networks
A. Kaveh- A. Khaleghi AJCE 1 Article
Behavior of Confined HSC Flexural Elements A. R. Khaloo- S. Tarverdilo AJCE 13 Article
Comparison of Two Approaches of Finite Element Methods for the Large Amplitude Free Vibration Analysis of Unstiffened and Stiffened plates
A. Samanta AJCE 27 Article
Behavior of Cable Trusses Under Impulse Loads

A.K. Ahuja- P. Krishna- P.K. Pande- S.K. Pathak AJCE 37 Article
Assessing Critical Stages of Fire Inside Buildings by ISO 9705 Method
A.Z. Moghaddam- T.J. Shields- G.W.H. Silcock AJCE 51 Article
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Fire-Resistant Gypsum Plasters S. B. Bakhtiary- F. Jafarpoor- F. Firoozyar AJCE 67 Article
Modified ODE Solver for Buckling of Coupled Shear-Wall Building
Q. Wang AJCE 83 Article
Development of Early Daily Strength of High Strength Concrete
V.S. Demjanova- V.I. Kalashinkov- O. V. Grinstsova AJCE 89 Article
Engineerng in Distributed Computer Environments P.Jan Pahl AJCE 1 Article
Modified Counterpropagation Neural Network as a Fast Interpolator in Structural Analysis A. Kaveh- A. Iranmanesh AJCE 13 Article
Information Technology Applications in the Management of Construction: An Overview F. Lawrence Bennett AJCE 27 Article
Pre-contract Planning Control: Part II - the Relationship Between Organizational and Planning Characteristics of Construction Management Companies in the United Kingdom J. Oluwoye AJCE 45 Article
Seismic Microzonation of the City of Tabriz in Iran
S.M. Haeri- M. Hajialilue Bonab AJCE 63 Article
Development of a Degenerated Element Tangent Stiffness Matrix in Large Deformation Analysis G. Karami- A.R. Setoodeh AJCE 71 Article
Search of Rational Structure Solution of Prefabricated Timber Houses Bearing Panels V.M. Vdovin- V.N. Karpov- O.V. Grintsova AJCE 93 Article
An Efficient Fiber Element for Analysis of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes Under Cyclic Loads A.A. Golafshani- S.B. Beheshti Aval- M.A. Saadeghvaziri AJCE 101 Article
Role of Concrete in Sustainable Development A.A. Tasnimi AJCE 1 Article
Cracking in Precast, Prestressed Deck Plans in Two RTA Bridges: Causes of Cracking, Concrete Characteristics and Rehabilitation Options A.Shayan AJCE 9 Article
Shrinkage of Cement Composites Reinforced With Sisal and Coconut Fibres R.D. Tolêdo Filho- K. Ghavami AJCE 25 Article
Structural Appraisal and Rehabilitation of Bridges and Viaducts M. Contaldo AJCE 35 Article
Thermal Stresses in Mass Concrete N. Naji-Mahalleh AJCE 47 Article
A Study on Pull-out Strength Between Lightweight Aggregate Concrete and Reinforcing Bars
M. Reza Esfahani AJCE 61 Article
Application of the Modified ART2 Artificial Neural Network in Classification of Structural Members A. Iranmanesh- A. Avazdavani AJCE 69 Article
Concrete Quality with Mix Water and Environmental Impact of Concrete G. M. Sabnis AJCE 77 Article
Assessment of Integrity of Concrete Structures Application of Innovative NDT-Methods B. Hillemeier- H. Scheel AJCE 89 Article
Heat-Conducting Properties of Small-Power-Hungry Cellular Concrete
V. A. Beregovoi AJCE 103 Article
- Volume 19, Number 1-January 2018 AJCE.January 2018 Article
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