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..Volume 18, Number 6 - October 2017 (10)
..Volume 18, Number 5 - August 2017 (10)
..Volume 18, Number 4 - June 2017 (10)
..Volume 18, Number 3 - May 2017 (11)
..Volume 18, Number 2 - March 2017 (10)
..Volume 18, Number 1 - Febraury 2017 (9)
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Effects of Building Morphologies on CO2 Air Pollution
Case Study: The Vernacular Urban Fabric, City of Ghardaïa (Algeria)
M. Mouffok- N. Zemmouri- L. Aidaoui- Y. Lasbet- A. De Herde 1 AJCE Article
Experimental Studies on Concrete Elements Using Waste Carbon Black as Filler Material T.M. Jeyashree- G. Chitra 21 AJCE Article
Flexural Behavior of Cold Formed Steel I-Section Beam with Corrugated Web A. Sumathi- M. Chandra Babu 31 AJCE Article
Experimental Studies on Sabarmati Bridge Using Traffic Induced Vibration S.G. Patel- G.R. Vesmawala 39 AJCE Article
Structural Performance of Concrete Filled FRP Thin Walled Tubular Beams J. Revathy- R. Sudha 49 AJCE Article
Earthquake Performance of Hybrid Controls for Coupled Buildings with MR Dampers and Sliding Base Isolation S.M. Dumne- M.K. Shrimali- S.D. Bharti 63 AJCE Article
Study on the Behavior of Removal Cover Concrete Over Reinforced Concrete Beam R. Ramasubramani- S. Divya- K.S. Satyanarayanan 119 AJCE Article
Analytical Study on NonLinear Performance of RC Two Bay Three Storey Frames with Infill S. Muthu Kumar- J. Joson Western- K.S. Satyanarayanan 133 AJCE Article
Improving Climatic Comfort Emphasizing the Effect of Sunshine Radiation on the Proper Orientation Of The Physic of Squares in Yazd H. Nourmohammadzad- H. Alizadeh- F. Kheirabadi 99AJCE Article
Cyclic Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Frames with Strap Bracing Y. Hosseinzadeh- A. Moslehifar- H. Ahmadi AJCE 150 Article
Variable form Forming Investigation for Flexible Shallow Shells on Circular Base L. Stupishin- A. Kolesnikov- K. Nikitin AJCE 163 Article
Prediction of Twist at Cracking Torque of Ferrocement “U” Wrapped RCC Beams G.C. Behera AJCE 173 Article
Analysis of the Relationship Between Nondestructive and Destructive Testing of Low Concrete Strength in New Structures K.A. Benyahia- M. Ghrici- S. Kenai- D. Breysse- Z.M. Sbartai AJCE 191 Article
Large Deflection of Arbitrary Thin Plates using Superparametric Finite Element S. Panda- M. Barik AJCE 207 Article
A New Model for Failure Mode of Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam Column Joints under Seismic Loading R.K. Vandana- K.R. Bindhu AJCE 235 Article
Assesment of Seismic Performance of Eccentrically Braced Frame with Vertical Members H. Saffari- M. Damroodi- Fakhraddini AJCE 255 Article
An Experimental Study on the Strength of CFT Columns Reinforced with Castellated Cruciform Steel Sections E. Farajpourbonab- S. Kute- V. Inamdar AJCE 271 Article
Prediction of Punching Shear Capacity of RC Flat Slabs Using Artificial Neural Network
N.A. Safiee- A. Ashour AJCE 285 Article
Truss Shape and Size Optimization with Frequency Constraints Using Tug of War Optimization A. Kaveh- A. Zolghadr AJCE 311 Article
Optimal Design of Planar Frame Structures Using an Optimization Algorithm Based on Global Sensitivity Analysis A. Kaveh- V.R. Mahdavi AJCE 335 Article
Finite Element Simulation of Shear Strengthened RC Beams Externally Reinforced with FRP G.N. Prajapati- A.D. Pandey- Aalok and T.B. Reddy AJCE 357 Article
Introducing a New Wall-Frame Earthquake Resisting System M. Grigorian- M.S. Moghadasi AJCE 371 Article
Analytical Study on FRP-Concrete-Steel Double Skin Tubular Columns Under Lateral Impact G. Salaiamuthavalli-C.D.R. Balaji AJCE 399 Article
Seismic Vulnerability of Traditional Masonry
Arches, Vaults And Domes
T. Mahdi AJCE 433 Article
Inverse Structural Airfoil: a Novel and Effective Tools for Improvement of the Buildings Performance Against Wind Loads M.I. Khodakarami- M. Maleki- M. Mounesi-Sorkheh AJCE 451 Article
An Empirical Equation to Predict the Mean Residual Displacement Ratios in Constant Ductility Sdof Systems Under Strong Motion Records In Iran B. Ghanbari- A.H Akhaveissy AJCE 473 Article
Structural Upgrade of Concrete Beams Using Advanced Hybrid Fibre Composites J. Karthick- K. Suguna- P.N. Raghunath AJCE 485 Article
Prediction of Twist at Cracking Torque of Ferrocement “U” Wrapped RCC Beams G.C. Behera AJCE 497 Article
A Comparative Study of Steel Angles and Strips Strengthened RC Columns D. Sen- M. Begum AJCE 515 Technical Notes
Effects of the Vertical Component and Frequency Content of Ground Motions on the Seismic Response of Above Ground Tanks E.M.B. Boudjellal- A.Kadid AJCE411 Article
Performance of Low-Rise RC Buildings with Tuned Liquid Dampers (TLDS) in Presence of Masonry Infill S. Das- S. Choudhury- A.K. Dey 535 Article
Estimation the Base Shear and Fundamental Period of Low-Rise Reinforced Concrete Coupled Shear Wall Structures R. Aghayari- M. Ashrafy- M. Tahamouli Roudsari 547 Article
Investigation of Mode II in Four Point Bending Beam Test S.J. Jung- Ahmad M. Abu Abdo 567 Article
Effect of Concrete Decks in Increasing Strength and Stiffness of Double-Layer Grids A. Hosseinmardi- M. Heristchian 577 Article
A parametric Study on Response of FRP Strengthened Masonry Walls under Blast Loading S.B. Singh- A. Chauhan, P. Munjal 593 Article
Dynamic Buckling of Cylindrical Storage Tanks During Earthquake Excitations A. Chikhi- M. Djermane 607 Article
Flexural Behaviour of Geopolymer Concrete Beams Cured under Ambient Temperature S. Annamalai- S. Thirugnanasambandam- K. Muthumani 621 Article
Nonlinear Analysis of Shear Wall in Unified Performance Based Seismic Design of Buildings P.P. Debnath- S. Choudhury 633 Article
A Numerical Investigation of Local – Distortional – Lateral - Torsional Buckling Interaction of Cold - Formed Steel Lipped Channel Beams M. Anbarasu 643 Article
Optimal Design of Reinforced Concrete Cantilever Retaining Walls Using CBO, ECBO and VPS A. Kaveh- D. Jafarpour Laien 657 Article
Cyclical Parthenogenesis Algorithm: A New Meta-heuristic Algorithm A. Kaveh- A. Zolghadr AJCE 673 Article
Dynamic Response of Rectangular Plate Subjected to Moving Loads Using Spectral Finite Strip Method F. Shirmohammadi- S. Bahrami- M. M. Saadatpour AJCE 703 Article
Evaluation of the Higher Modes Contribution in the Seismic Demands of Buildings Subjected to Far-Field and Near-Field Ground Motions M.H. Vafaee- H. Saffari AJCE 719 Article
Numerical Simulation of the Effects of Temperature and Wind on Concrete at Early Age M. Barhmi- H. Khachab- M. Merbouh- M. Elmir- N. Bella AJCE 747 Article
A New Approach to Identify Active Frequencies of Dynamic Ratcheting- Inducing Ground Motion R. Karami Mohammadi- B. Ghanbari- A.H. Akhaveissy AJCE 761 Article
Cyclic Response of Prestressed Concrete Beams Retrofitted with Precured Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites J. Revathy- C.K. Vignesh AJCE 777 Article
Experimental Performance of a New Precast Beam to Column Connection Using Hidden Corbel S. Bahrami- M. Madhkhan AJCE 791 Article
A Seismic Behavior and Rehabilitation of the Historic Masonry Minaret by Experimental and Numerical Methods M. Mirtaheri- A. Abbasi- N. Salari AJCE 807 Article
Investigation on Seismic Effects of Near-Field Ground Motions on Damage of Steel Moment Frames Using Cumulative Damage Index M. Gerami- A.A. Darestani AJCE 823 Article
Modelling the Response of Tapered Head Sleeve Connection under Tensile Load Using Finite Element Method J. H. Ling- Y.F. Liew- W. K. Leong- H.T. Sia AJCE 837 Article
Web Crippling Behaviour of Litesteel Beam T. Manju- H. Silpha AJCE 853 Article
Experimental and Analytical Study on Funicular Concrete hell Foundation under Ultimate Loading T.M. Jeyashree- C. Arunkumar- S. Ashok Kumar AJCE 863 Article
Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frame with Short Column Effect under Lateral Cyclic Loading S. Pradeep AJCE 879 Article
Hybrid Control Systems for Rigid Buildings Structures under Strong Earthquakes N. Djedoui- A. Ounis- JP. Pinelli- M. Abdeddaim AJCE 893 Article
Effect of Wind Speed on Structural Behaviour of Monopole and Self-Support Telecommunication Towers M. Pavan Kumar- P. Markandeya Raju- M. Navya- G.T. Naidu AJCE 911 Article
Random Time Domain Analysis of Aging Jacket Platforms in Persian Gulf E. Shahsavari- A. Taheri AJCE 929 Article
The Effect of Viscoelastic Damper on Reducing Seismic Responses of Steel Frame Structures
Gh. Abdollahzadeh- S. Shabani AJCE 945 Article
Study on the Seismic Response of Mid-Rise Bundled Tube Resistant Systems under Simulated Closed-Form Near-Field Records S. Nazari- J. Keyvani- A. Meshkat-Dini- M. Azhdarifar AJCE 961 Article
Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Seismic Response Of Oued Fodda Concrete Gravity Dam Considering Contact Elements at Dam-Reservoir Interaction Interface D. Ouzandja- B. Tiliouine- M. Belharizi- M. Kadri AJCE 977 Article
Time Resistance of Industrial Steel Portal Frames With Haunches under Fire N. Benlakehal- A. Kassoul P.A.G. Piloto- A. Bouchair AJCE 993 Article
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